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Does It Feel Like Life Isn’t Working? There Is Hope.

Begin To Forgive

Forgiveness is the first step on the path to transformation and life.

Walk Without Fear

We all experience fear. But you don’t have to be controlled by those feelings.

Respond Without Anger

Wounds create anger. You can find healing for the wounds and let go of anger.

Learn Self-Compassion

God accepts you. As you accept yourself with kindness, you will find yourself being kinder to others.

Find Confidence

If the past is holding you in insecurity and feelings of worthlessness, there is hope.

Have Better Relationships

God created you to be in relationship. As you find healing from the past He will help you to love others in a fresh and new way.

The Oxygen Mask Principle – When You Simply Need To Breathe

Robin Lewis is a blessing. One of my most treasured memories of her occurred several years ago. It was a dark rainy night; the hospital had called informing me my son had been brought in with a severe head injury from an intruder and was dying. I called Robin and...
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Understanding the Father’s Love With a Starburst of Joy

When winter storms assail, we have the tendency to retreat and engage in introspective thoughts that cause us to withdraw, murmur and complain. But our Heavenly Father allows seasons to touch our lives, even the winter season. His purpose is to teach us to rest...
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When Valentine’s is a Day of Grief, Loneliness, Heartbreak, and Feelings of Failure

Valentine’s is wonderful if you have a partner. But what if you are grieving? Please know you are not alone and there is hope. Last week I shared about my precious daughter dying. Her service was on Valentine’s Day, a cold, blustery, snowy day. Since then, February...
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A Precious Gift, Twice Given: Finding Hope After the Crushing Loss of My Precious Child

As you grieve the death of a child, place your hand in the hand of the One who weeps with you. He understands and He cares. Talk honestly with Him. Let the Holy Spirit comfort your broken heart. Give yourself time to heal. Enjoy the beauty around you. Celebrate the life of your child – who lives on in heaven.

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You Can Make a Difference: Update on the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

The Latest on the Rohingya Crisis: Suffering continues as the crisis drags on without resolution in sight. See on the ground footage of Muslim Rohingya escaping genocide.

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Barbara Hitching

I have traveled in many countries and seen the effects of trauma and violence that silence the voice, crush the spirit, and cover individuals with shame.

Do you feel discouraged, overwhelmed by life?


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Life Is A Struggle…

and no matter how hard you try things don’t seem to get any better. It seems impossible to forgive those who don’t deserve it. I understand.

Un-forgiveness isn’t going to win the battle. It’s making your life harder. You can learn a better way. I’d love to help.

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