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Does It Feel Like Life Isn’t Working? There Is Hope.

Begin To Forgive

Forgiveness is the first step on the path to transformation and life.

Walk Without Fear

We all experience fear. But you don’t have to be controlled by those feelings.

Respond Without Anger

Wounds create anger. You can find healing for the wounds and let go of anger.

Learn Self-Compassion

God accepts you. As you accept yourself with kindness, you will find yourself being kinder to others.

Find Confidence

If the past is holding you in insecurity and feelings of worthlessness, there is hope.

Have Better Relationships

God created you to be in relationship. As you find healing from the past He will help you to love others in a fresh and new way.

Celebrating Your Singleness: Are You Happy Being Single?

Being Single Singleness is an interesting topic. Somehow in many churches across our land, being single is equated with missing out, lack of success, failure, and even the impossiblity of ever finding contentment. But does one need to be married to have value, to be...

5 Ways You Can Turn Failure into Opportunities to Grow

A More Excellent Way Alexander Pope said, “To err is human”.  You are human, so you will make errors! Accept that as your reality. On your journey in life, you will fail, most likely, you will fail many times. In our fast paced world, we dread failure. Within the...

Animal Cracker Jesus

Your Own Personal Jesus We love Jesus. We happily sing about Him being the Lion. That thrills us; makes us feel spiritual, giving us a sense of power. Lions are intimidating. Wise is the person who treats a lion with respectful fear. But as we approach Jesus Christ,...

He Lost Everything to Gain the World, What Have You Lost?

A Long Way Off Imagine you are the wayward prodigal son returning home because you are starving. Your clothing is tattered, and filthy. While still a great way off, you see your father surrounded by a group of noisy people running towards you. Terrified, your steps...

In Honor of Fathers

A Hiding Place I first began to imagine the Heavenly Father as a kind Father while I was reading Corrie ten Boom’s, The Hiding Place back in the '70's. Corrie’s father was a safe place for Corrie to go to and share her heart. In some ways, as I read that book, because...

Barbara Hitching

I have traveled in many countries and seen the effects of trauma and violence that silence the voice, crush the spirit, and cover individuals with shame.

Do you feel discouraged, overwhelmed by life?

Life Is A Struggle…

and no matter how hard you try things don’t seem to get any better. It seems impossible to forgive those who don’t deserve it. I understand.

Un-forgiveness isn’t going to win the battle. It’s making your life harder. You can learn a better way. I’d love to help.

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We respect your privacy. We will never sell your info or spam you.

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