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If you’ve experienced trauma or abuse, there is freedom.

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Restoring Dignity and Hope to Trauma Survivors

As a trauma survivor, I know first hand the need to work through adverse childhood experiences and trauma.

Healing from the wounds of the past takes hard work and commitment. I’d love to help you begin the transformative journey to freedom.



Relevant topics on Christian living, recovering from trauma and abuse, and more.


Monthly sermons to take you deeper, transform your walk, and illuminate your life.


10 minutes or less, these videos are a breath of fresh air.

Loving the Fatherless: Interview with Brent Wernsing

Loving the Fatherless What does loving the fatherless mean? The Apostle James said pure religion is to open your eyes and see the fatherless, to care for them, protect them, and help them (James 1:27). Sometimes love is demonstrated just by being with the child,...

Overcoming the Father Wound and Past Trauma: Interview with Fred Kornis

The Father Wound   I had the joy of interviewing Fred Kornis, who has been an evangelist for 45 years. I first met him in the early 1980’s as he taught a few of us some rope tricks to use in street evangelism. Fred has walked through many kinds of trauma; some of the...

You Don’t Have to Earn God’s Love

The wonderful truth that took me years to learn is you don’t have to earn God’s love or forgiveness! Also, the Heavenly Father loves us to celebrate freedom. Did you know God likes numbers? He had Israel organize life into groups of 7. In the 49th year, which is 7...

How You Can Experience Freedom From Curses

Words have power to bless or to curse others. The words you speak over yourself have the same power. Negative words bring limitations, insecurity, torment, illness, and even death. The joyful news is there is freedom from every curse.  Prepare to Die I was in seventh...

How Servant Leadership Saved My Life

When I was seven, I nearly drowned. As I wrote this story, I realized my brother exemplified servant leadership. Lea is my hero. His example teaches us how being present in the moment and envisaging the end result will help us move with thoughtfulness and clarity. The...


“As a coach and minister, Barbara Hitching has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Her teaching and prayer ministry have helped me get clear on what the Lord was saying in my situation and her partnering with me in prayer brought results!

There have been many times her blog posts were filled with the strategy and wisdom I needed at that time. I thank God for Barbara Hitching and her team and highly recommend her coaching and prayer ministry services.”

Robin Lewis

The Freedom Coach,

“Barbara’s knowledge of health and well-being along with her spiritual insights is a power combination. She speaks to our hearts and cares for our wholeness.

I appreciate her life experiences and her knowledge of the Word of God. I believe she can make a valuable contribution to our lives.”

Tami Sue Webster

Social Influencer, Bleu Tabby

“As a passionate woman of the Word, Ms. Barbara has lovingly and patiently mentored me for over a decade. She has helped me to work through lies from my past and replace them with the truth of the Word. 

I can always trust her, knowing she hears my heart and will speak the truth to me in love.”

Joy Propst


Barbara’s intuitive, compassionate and direct approach have been such a blessing in our lives.
Sherry Brooks


“The way Miss Barbara has helped me is she has shown me my true worth. She helped me deal with past hurts and trauma.

She has been a wonderful friend and counselor in my life.

She has always made me feel valued.”

Tabitha Cliburn

Working Mom

I respect your privacy. I will never sell your info or spam you.

Overcome the past

Overcome the past

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