Raising the Perfectly Imperfect Child: Book Review

by Sep 17, 2017


Having love and respect for Nick Vujicic, when I saw a book by his father, Boris Vujicic, I was intrigued. Opening the package with the book enclosed, I smiled. The cover has an adorable photo of Nick as a child laying on a skateboard; it is a beautiful representation of Nick’s courageous spirit displayed even in infancy. It was good to see Nick through the eyes of his parents.

However, as I read, I was stunned. The rawness of emotions hit me and initially, I reacted against the parents. But this book is an honest testament to the sufficiency of Christ in the face of adversity and failure.
It portrays defeat and depression that is turned into victorious triumph as Nick’s parents, Boris and Dushka, walked through a process whereby they experienced the love of the Lord, the love of family, and found courage to move past their inabilities and fears, and instead learned to trust the Lord.
As they ministered to their precious baby who was without arms or legs, their bond of love was strengthened and they grew into caring individuals whose lives reflect the beauty of Christ.

An interesting and well-written look at raising a child with special needs

A manual that covers the spiritual, physical, mental needs of the family

Teaches acceptance and love for the child with special needs

Encourages "a life without limits" mindset

A Vital Read

The book is interesting and well-written. I would encourage any parent, grandparent, or care-giver for a child with a disability to read this book. I also believe it should be read by pastors and Christian workers and be in the library of every church.

Raising the Perfectly Imperfect Child is a how to manual that covers the various needs and situations that the family will experience, such as the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and medical needs, the importance of strengthening marital bonds and of ensuring other children in the family are not lost by the demands of care required by the perfectly imperfect child.

There is encouragement to accept and love your child who is a gift from the Lord, to give yourself permission to grieve, and to train your child to “pursue a life without limits” regardless of any who bully or predict failure.
This practical book is an excellent resource for any parent of a special needs child. Each chapter ends with a list of take away thoughts that are very thorough and insightful.
Boris said, “I eventually accepted that even the most traumatic events in our lives could lead to joy, fulfillment, happiness, and greater faith. Our experiences with Nick offer proof to other parents with disabled children that God does love them. They are not mistakes. They have purpose. When bad things happen to us, it isn’t necessarily a punishment.”
He then asks, “How many times have ‘bad things’ that happened to you turned out to be blessings in disguise?” (P 188). That is the testament of Nick’s life. What appeared to be bad has turned out to bring incredible blessing – to his family, to Nick, and to those around the world who love Nick and respect him for his integrity and courage.
I highly recommend this book. Boris, who is now with the Lord displays a beauty and winsomeness of Christ that is only developed in the arena of suffering. There he learned to give thanks and trust the Father’s love to enable them to persevere and overcome in spite of our limitations.
Boris doesn’t gloss over the difficult places with syrupy platitudes but courageously faces our humanity, our fears and anger, our limitations, and points to a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan and a purpose in the midst of that difficult place.

There Is Hope

If you are struggling, facing what seem to be insurmountable odds, there is hope. Your child does not have to be defined by his or her limitations. After all, we each are imperfect and it is only the touch of the Master upon our life that makes us perfectly imperfect in Christ.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for providing this book in exchange for my honest review.

God Bless You My Friend

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