A Mother’s Day Prayer

by May 10, 2018

What do you face as a Mother?

Mother’s Day is a special day of the year. A day of celebration of life. A day of joy.

But the reality is many of us carry deep grief that threatens to overwhelm our broken heart as we shed secret tears in the night.

 Whatever you face as a mother, this is my prayer for you…

For all the mothers who have just lost a child, or lost a child years ago.  May you know you are deeply loved. You are not alone. As you move towards Mother’s Day, your arms empty and your heart grieving, may you  experience the presence of Jesus and the sweet comfort of the Holy Spirit.

To all the mothers who have miscarried or lost their precious child at childbirth. May the Lord comfort your heart. Though it can never remove your grief, may the Lord encourage you with the truth that you will meet that beloved child in heaven.
To all the moms who have had an abortion. Many of you were pressured into it, many of you live daily with regret, shame, and guilt. The Lord forgives you. I pray you are able to forgive yourself and move forward to embrace life. May the Lord quiet your heart with His love.

Your baby was welcomed into heaven by our beloved Lord. May His precious blood cover you, satisfy the debt of this grievous loss, and remove the guilt and shame, covering you with His dignity and His righteousness.

To all the mothers who do not know where their child is today. So many deeply loved but missing children, whose absence leaves a home filled with heartbreak and suffering that is beyond words.

Especially for these precious moms (and their families) who don’t know if their child is alive, and can only imagine the suffering their child may be enduring, my heart goes out to you.

May the Lord comfort you with His presence and give you courage to take the next breath. May He help you know how to pray for your beloved child and strengthen you to face each new day of silence.

To all the mothers who have a child in prison, who is engaged in some criminal activity, who engages in violence against others, or who is involved in self-destructive behavior. May the Comforter draw near you as you weep and give you courage to believe the One who is the Resurrection and the Life is able to touch your child, redeem that precious child, and bring him or her out of the bondage of death into resurrection life by the power of His Holy Spirit.
To all the precious mothers who watch their beloved child suffer from some disease, seizures, drug reactions, panic attacks, or limitations that leave them feeling less. Your child is a precious gift! May the Lord speak words of peace to you in the night, may He fill your heart with songs of thanksgiving as you minister to your child. May His strength be perfected in your weakness. May His grace be sufficient in the midst of your weakness as you struggle to minister to your beloved child through the night hours.
To all the ladies who long to be mothers but have been unable to bear a child or who are single and desire children. May the Lord bring individuals into your life who you can love, mentor, and guide to the Saviour. May the deep pain you experience be eased by the wonder of His tender presence filling your life with His joy.
To all the precious mothers across our planet who suffer today. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I pray you come to know Him as your Saviour and Friend. He sees your pain. He collects your tears in a vial – for your tears are valuable to Him.

May our Beloved Lord Jesus touch your heart with His love and fill you with peace, knowing He is with you and shares your pain.


Dear Heart,

 Jesus understands your grief, your fears, your guilt, your shame, your emptiness. May you experience His loving touch this Mother’s Day, comforting your broken heart, filling you with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

May Jesus be your peace. May He be your hope when all is hopeless. May His grace be sufficient when you are ready to collapse and feel you can’t take another breath, let alone another step.

May the God of all comfort who honors those who mourn, quiet your mother’s heart with His love.

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