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by Jun 7, 2018


Birthdays are a wonderful event. A chance to celebrate life. Everyone loves a celebration.

Last week I celebrated my second birth. This Saturday I will celebrate the day when I was first born!

The first time you were born was a wonderful event, celebrated by the Lord God and hopefully by your family. Created in the image of God, you left the comfort of your mother’s womb and took your first breath. That breath was vital for as you breathed, life flowed through your entire being.

Probably you didn’t initially feel too happy about that. Maybe you have wondered why you were born, maybe you have even wished you had not been born. Birth into this world means you have experienced traumas, victories, heartaches, joys and sorrows. But it also means you have taken many breaths! Life is about breath.

Because it is my birthday, I am going to ask you a question. Have ever been born the second time? No matter what has happened to you, you will never be complete until you have been born again.

Breath of Life

In fact, the most important event of life is to be born again by the Holy Spirit of God. His seed has been planted in your heart but it will only come to conception and bring forth life as the He breathes the very life of Christ into your being. And that is your choice!

I love Nicodemus. He was very righteous, very educated, very kind, and very religious. This good man was afraid of what others might think, so he secretly visited Jesus in the dark of the night.

Feeling good about all his giftings, his good deeds, his knowledge, and secure in his lofty position as a religious leader, he intuitively knew Jesus had something he didn’t have.

To his shock, Jesus said to him, “Nicodemus, you must be born again.”

Nicodemus was puzzled. “Sorry, Jesus. I can’t get back into my mother’s womb. What are you talking about?”

Jesus saw that though Nicodemus was rich and successful, he was needy  for he couldn’t approach God on his own merit. He needed to bow his head and in humility be born a second time. He had to become like a wee baby unable to do anything for himself.

The Bible says unless you and I are born the second time, birthed by the Holy Spirit of God, then we cannot see God.

Indescribable Love

The Heavenly Father loved you so much, He sent His Son Jesus into this world to be born as a wee baby. Jesus grew up and lived a perfect life, always doing the will of His Father. One day evil men had Him nailed to a Cross. Father God chose to give Jesus to die in your place.

As Jesus died, your sins and mine were placed upon Him. He is the perfect Lamb of God – slain for the sins of the world. Unless you have been cleansed by His blood, then you have never been born again.

You may say when you were a child you asked Jesus into your heart. That was a wonderful beginning! But it doesn’t mean you have been fully brought to birth. If God is your Father and Jesus is your Saviour – then you will experience His life inside of you. You will walk in relational intimacy with Jesus.

JESUS Died In Your Place

Have you been born again? This may be the most important question you will ever answer. My friend, take a moment from your busy schedule and read John 3.

Today, choose to believe in your heart (not just your head) on Jesus the Christ. Believe He died in your place, was buried and arose again on the third day. Affirm from your heart there is nothing you can do to save yourself. Declare from your heart Jesus Christ is your Lord. If you do, the Bible says, you will be saved. You will be born of God, His Spirit will breathe life into you. You will be born the second time.

Your birth won’t be an accident or unplanned. It won’t be according to the will of man. It will be specific and intentional and all of heaven will celebrate for you will be born into God’s family. The life of Christ will be inside of you. You will be sealed with the precious Holy Spirit and God will seat you with Christ Jesus in Heavenly places.

Ahh! Birthdays are wonderful! I pray you take time to allow the Lord to examine your heart. Make sure your name has been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life – stating you have been born again and have become a citizen of heaven.

I pray the Lord God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you, filling you with His beautiful Life.  

Today. Choose LIFE!!

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