In Honor of Fathers

by | Jun 14, 2018

A Hiding Place

I first began to imagine the Heavenly Father as a kind Father while I was reading Corrie ten Boom’s, The Hiding Place back in the ’70’s. Corrie’s father was a safe place for Corrie to go to and share her heart. In some ways, as I read that book, because her father was a safe place, it helped me understand how she was able to trust the Heavenly Father as her hiding place.

I cannot remember all the details and because I gave away my copy, I cannot refer to it, but I believe they were on a train when she asked her father some questions about sex.

He had her try to lift the case but she wasn’t yet strong enough to lift it onto the luggage rack. He smiled and picked up the suitcase and lifted it into its place. Then he gently explained just as he carried the suitcase because she wasn’t yet strong enough to carry it, there were things in life he would carry for her until the appropriate moment. In the meantime, would she trust him to carry that case for her?

That picture of a loving father carrying a case too heavy for his child made a deep imprint on my imagination. Was it possible God the Heavenly Father felt such compassion for me? That when something was too difficult for me, He felt compassion for me and was happy to carry it for me?

That question began a journey where I have learned Corrie’s dad reflected the Father heart of God, who is full of compassion for His children. He loves to carry the heavy cases, those things too difficult for us to bear. In fact, He is happy to carry all our burdens. He loves it when we run into His loving arms and allow Him to be our hiding place.

You may be a father and you may struggle, feeling there is much you still need to learn. That is okay. The Heavenly Father wants to carry your burdens and use you to bless your children.

May the Father’s blessing rest upon you. May He strengthen you, filling you with compassion for your children and enabling you to communicate with them, even as Corrie’s dad lovingly communicated with Corrie.

You may not have a father who is a safe place. But the Heavenly Father is worthy of your trust. He has a deep and abiding love for you. If you turn to Him, He will carry the cases you struggle to lift and bless you with the sweetness of His presence. He is a safe place!

My prayer for you: May the Lord be your hiding place. May you learn to rest hidden in Him as He preserves you from trouble. May you allow Him to compass you about with songs of deliverance. (Psalms 32:7).

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