6 Topics. 6 Videos. 9 Minutes.

by Jan 10, 2019


Over the last week, I’ve shared videos to Facebook on hot topics. Because some of you aren’t on social media, I wanted to make sure you also had access to this content!

 I’m excited to share the videos with you, which were just uploaded to Vimeo.

Each video is short – usually under 2 minutes. Your total watch time for all videos is 9 minutes. I pray you will be blessed as you listen.

If there’s a different topic you are interested in, let me know and I’ll make a video just for you.

#1 Loneliness

Being lonely is painful. It’s also not socially acceptable, is it? But we all face loneliness and there is hope.

Something powerful happens in the heavenlies when despite feeling lonely, we lift our eyes in thanksgiving and choose the life of Christ. That is the moment of intimacy and true comfort as the Holy Spirit fills us with the sweetness of Christ.

#2 Moms

We serve a wonderful Lord who calls us to find joy in our daily life. He is able to strengthen us, guard us, and guide us into true freedom.

If you face the daily drudgeries and challenges of a Mom, this is for you.

#3 Anxiety

Do you know that feeling in your stomach, the tightening in your chest, the plaguing sense of doubt and anxiety? If you feel anxious, pause. Take a deep breath. I have a word for you.

#4 Rejection

Does it seem like a cloud hangs over you that you can’t escape? Feelings of rejection seem to prove everything in your experiencethat  says you don’t have value. But God has a different truth for you.

#5 Forgiveness

There is much confusion about what forgiveness is. So, what is genuine forgiveness?

#6 Identity

Your identity is not determined by the abuse you’ve experienced.

You are not what you do or what has happened to you. You are so much more!

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