Loving the Fatherless

What does loving the fatherless mean? The Apostle James said pure religion is to open your eyes and see the fatherless, to care for them, protect them, and help them (James 1:27). Sometimes love is demonstrated just by being with the child, making no demands, but gently and patiently allowing the child to express his or her fears as Brent shared in the precious story 17 Hours.

Brent and his wife, Christine, have a heart for loving the fatherless. As you may be aware, fatherlessness is rising and the father wounds are growing. On top of this, if one had an absentee father or an abusive father, it creates difficulty for them to be able to relate to the merciful Father heart of God.

“Loving the fatherless happens when God’s love is selflessly show cased through God’s people.”

Brent Wernsing

Brent passionately shared a special word to men. He recommended Wild Life with John Eldridge as a valuable resource. Then urged men to face their father wound and find healing in the Lord.

Brent and Christine foster children but they also have adopted 5. Together, they model for the Body of Christ the reality of caring for the orphans.

This video will be a blessing to you. I pray it will inspire you to move forward with the Lord in a fresh way.

Connect with Brent

If you wish to learn more about Brent and his church, Kairos, please go to the following links:

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