Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being A Man

by Jun 26, 2019

In a day of the feminization of men, confusion about the relationship between a husband and his wife, increasing domestic violence, along with the rise of absentee fathers and children struggling with addictions, Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says About Being a Man was truly a breath of fresh air. 
Ken Harrison gives a clarion call to men to rise up and learn to walk in the manhood God designed for them. 

Out of his experience as a LAPD officer, Harrison shares fast paced stories of his own struggles and lessons he learned as the Lord humbled him.

He addresses issues such as Satan, whose goal is to attack the Heavenly Father as he ensnares and destroys humanity, especially targeting children.

No one is immune to the deception of the evil one or of being trapped by their desire for pleasure, to look good, or to be religious and thus escape being humbled.  

To Harrison, true manhood is the path of accountability. It is to be accountable for his marriage, to love his wife no matter the cost, and to provide for his family. 

He outlines the 4 levels of destruction of manhood:

1. To be passive rather than involved in his family’s life.

2. The sin of being “a macho man or a male chauvinist”, stemming from insecurity and pride.


3. Sexual perversion and greed as he fills his emptiness without thought of those he defrauds.

4. These culminate in complacency, cowardice and deception.

What The Bible Says About Being a Man

“A real man is dedicated to the truth no matter how difficult.” (p. 120).

The section I found most insightful and ministered to my spirit was on marriage. Harrison states a man is to lead his family. His focus should not be to hold authority over his wife. 

“Authority is that influence that the law gives to a police officer or a military commander… Authority offers no reward for obedience, only punishment for disobedience.

We are not called to be in authority over our wives; rather, we are called to lead them.  Leadership creates the space for a person to choose whether or not to follow. Notice that a woman is commanded to submit to her husband, not to obey him. I obey the commands of a police officer out of fear of punishment, but I don’t submit to him. This is because submission involves equality and choice. Obedience involves a hierarchy and offers no choice. A slave obeys his master, and a child obeys his parents. But an equal chooses to submit or not, based on the value in the relationship.” (p. 129-130).

Far too long a blind eye has been turned to domestic violence within the Church. If men take to heart and prioritize the message of this book and begin living what the Bible says about being a man, their wife and children would thrive rather than live in fear and brokenness. In addition, less children would be fatherless or suffer from a deep father wound where they become lost to the streets, to drugs, alcohol, or sex abuse. 

I highly recommend this book for every man who has the courage to move past talk and become a man after the heart of God.

Thanks to Multnomah Press for providing this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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