5 Simple Keys to Trauma Recovery

by Aug 29, 2019

Trauma is real. While medical journals say there’s no cure, you have power to move out of victimization by choosing life. 

If you live in the present and take specific steps to retrain your brain, you will experience resurrection power setting you free from the past. It is possible to recover from trauma

In a way, it’s learning to breathe as you allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to flow through the corridors of your heart and mind. He brings healing and recovery from trauma – and helps you triumph over the impact of trauma in the name of Jesus.

My personal recovery began when I started to write. Today we understand writing caused my brain to form a connection between my past, my body, my mind, and my spirit. That connection opened doors to secrets locked deep inside and took me on an incredible journey. 

Trauma is written into the DNA; buried, it manifests in ways that are confusing and overwhelming. Thus, trauma tends to become your identity.

You’re stuck! Right? Wrong!

The wonderful news is your DNA is not written in stone. Through your choices, you have power to change your DNA and take authority over the trauma you experienced. Below are 5 simple keys for you to alter the DNA in every cell of your body.

5 Keys to Trauma Recovery


🔑 Story

You have a story. It is important because you are important. If you feel depressed, isolated, helpless, confused – get a pencil and some paper and begin to write. Even writing little snapshots of things you experienced validates what happened to you. 

Don’t worry if it’s not in consecutive order. In fact, when you start to remember trauma, it often begins with snatches, a sound, a scent, hearing a song. A memory can be triggered by the way someone looks at you, or the tone or inflection in someone’s voice when they say a particular word. 

We each spend years repressing, denying, and disassociating from past trauma. It’s time to engage in self-care. Write down words or fragments of thoughts as they come to mind. 

This isn’t about spinning false memories in your imagination. Let Jesus lead you. Take time to ask His direction and His perfect timing as you begin to write.

🔑 Draw

Pictures are helpful. Draw what you imagine God looks like. Not what you think someone wants you to draw or what your religious beliefs dictate. Put pencil to paper and let what’s inside be expressed as you draw. 

This is not heretical. It brings light to reveal a lie your brain believes. 

For me, it was an ugly old man with a long beard who kept an aquarium of ants he “loved” and tortured.

I needed to know that was hidden inside me. How could I ever believe God was good, if deep inside the god I prayed to was a cruel and powerful old man? 

Draw a picture of your childhood family. Express your emotions through colors you choose and through what you draw. This isn’t about drawing a beautiful picture that’s appropriate to scale. It should look more like a child’s drawing.  

Ask Jesus to reveal hidden things of darkness limiting your life, robbing you of joy, and hurting your relationships.

🔑 Talk

Self talk is important. Why? Because your brain believes what you repeatedly say. If you call yourself a stupid idiot – your brain believes you. So as you speak of your pain, don’t call yourself names. Instead, do speak God’s truth out loud over yourself.

Begin to talk out loud to the Lord. It’s healthy to speak words in His presence. He is a safe place. Ignore feelings of being silly and say out loud, “I know you are safe, Jesus.” Then give thanks – out loud! 

Your brain needs to hear truth spoken. It worries; you can help it relax. 

Find someone you feel safe with, whose life demonstrates the love of Christ. Someone who will listen without censure, then help you see Jesus.

If you’re looking for a spiritual mentor or coach, please feel free to reach out to me.

🔑 Boundaries

The reason you don’t feel safe in your skin or safe in relationships is your personal boundaries have been violated by someone. Sadly, often that person is the one who should have protected you. 

  • Set boundaries for your words. Don’t bad mouth yourself. Find a verse you love and speak it. Even better, sing it. 
  • Give yourself permission to say no and walk away from a person who’s verbally abusive.
  • You have the right to say no to unhealthy touch. Even if you are married. If you are in danger or are afraid of the person you live with – set a healthy boundary. Otherwise you will be repeatedly traumatized. 
  • If your partner is violent, leave. No one – not even your husband – has been given the right by God to hit you.

🔑 Sing

Singing has an incredible impact on your brain. It reduces depression because it stimulates production of endorphins and oxytocin. It reduces cortisol levels, which means it reduces anxiety. With increased endorphins and oxytocin and reduced cortisol, you will find it also helps reduce pain!

Did you know there are over 50 commands in the Bible for you to sing? Singing is a will choice. Scripture also uses the phrase “I will sing” over 50 times. When God commands us to do something, it’s for our good. 

Singing establishes neuronal pathways that help you express deep emotions – like grief and pain. Trauma steals your voice. But as you sing, connections are made enabling you to move out of trauma’s passivity, self-pity, bitterness, and envy. Resurrection life touches your emotions and your voice as you make the will choice to sing.

The beauty is  – God uses your obedience to enable you to reclaim the gift of your voice and to move forward in your healing process.

Dear Heart,

You are valuable and worthy of being treated with respect. Sadly, if you don’t respect yourself, you open the door for others to disrespect you.

Ask Jesus for help. Then choose one step from above. A journey of a lifetime begins with one step. Take that step. Today. 


  • Trauma has no magic cure. 
  • Trauma recovery is a process, not an event. 
  • Only you can choose to be set free from the lies trauma taught you. 
  • Healing occurs as you learn to retrain your brain.

It will take work, but my dear, you are worth it! 

The dividends accrue and you will feel safe in your own skin because you’ve taken refuge in Jesus.

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