Negative Thoughts Have a Huge Impact: A Powerful Way to Escape Negativity’s Trap

by Sep 5, 2019

Negative Thoughts

Did you know negative thoughts:

  • Produce a harvest of bad things
  • Bring about the things you dread 
  • Produce negative words
  • Cause harm to your body
  • Hold the power of death
  • Bring a curse on you and your loved ones

I grew up believing I didn’t deserve to be loved. The lie hidden behind that limiting belief? I was a bad person. I should never have been born.

Everything seemed to prove those thoughts, hidden deep within me were true. 

It took many years to realize my thoughts impacted me; it was like sowing seeds that produced a harvest of bad things. 

It took even longer to realize – I choose the thoughts I think. And those thoughts impact my life and the lives of others around me.

It was exciting to learn because I have power to choose my thoughts, I am able to learn new things and escape negativity’s trap, which held me bound under a curse of deception and death.

You have the same incredible ability to choose!

Thoughts and the Brain

Negative thoughts nurtured in your heart and your mind become part of you. Literally, they shorten the telomeres of your DNA, which impacts every cell in your body!

Yes, I understand. Your negative thinking began when bad things happened to you for which you were not responsible. That was then. But today you are responsible for what you think! 

Your thoughts matter. You may think because no one hears them – they don’t impact anyone. But they do.

I’m sure you have lived or worked with someone who is moody. They may not say anything directly but you know – he or she is in a bad mood and you need to walk carefully. 

I think we all agree our own negative thoughts can drive us to do crazy things and also that negative people are unpleasant to be around.

So what’s the point? Just snap out of it! Right?!

Wrong. Once thought has become part of your DNA – you can’t snap out of it. You can’t just lighten up. It is an intrinsic part of who you are. 

That doesn’t sound encouraging. 

Actually, it’s exciting. It means you can’t simply reform yourself. Its like New Year’s resolutions that aren’t worth the paper they were written on. They have no substance. 

Once you understand trauma’s impact on your thoughts, you will be able to breathe and relax. This isn’t about your performance, or you being a failure or it being your fault.

Negativity and Retraining Your Brain

Negativity produces neuronal pathways in your brain forming dendrites that look like barren, thorny trees. Each negative thought is like a wind blowing through the branches of those dendrites that stimulates the thorns to release toxic chemicals and hormones – which flood your entire body – reinforcing the negative DNA in each cell of your body.

I hear you saying: “You’re telling me when I fuss, am irritated and complain, even silently, it strengthens nasty dendritic trees that impact my mood and my physical health?”

That’s exactly what I am saying.

“What a bummer. Complaining feels good.”

Sadly, you are right. But it has long-term effects on your health. “So what’s the solution?” The solution is to retrain your brain.

“How do I do that?”

You make the will choice you are going to take responsibility for the negative thoughts you  think and then you choose to refocus your mind on what is good and beautiful. The greatest wisdom is to focus on Jesus, who will help you succeed.

You Become Your Thoughts

Years ago, when scientists were saying with great authority that the brain was a machine, I was introduced to Carolyn Leaf’s groundbreaking teaching on dendrites. Today, research indicates you can retrain your brain through simple things like journaling, being grateful, singing, pausing to breathe, and speaking positive words over yourself.

King Solomon, who lived in the 10th century BC, said about a person’s thought life, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7 NKJV). Thoughts matter. You become what you think!

Trauma impacts the DNA of every cell in your body. It has a huge impact on your thought life and opens a door to the enemy to deceive you. Your brain embraces those lies in its effort to protect you and make you feel safe.

The good news as Caroline Leaf would say, is, “You are not a victim of your biology”. You have a choice. And your choices impact your DNA – whether for good or for ill. 


If you tend to be negative, it is time to “renew your mind”. King David asked God to cleanse his heart and renew (rebuild) a right spirit within him (Psalms 51:10).


The Apostle Paul taught transformation occurred with the renewal or renovation of one’s mind (Romans 12:2). 

If you renovate a room in your house, first you dismantle things. You tear down what isn’t efficient, or valued, or desired. After cleaning all the rubbish out, you begin to build something new and fresh.


Your mind is like that. Your brain clings to self-destructive habits. It believes lies that trigger thoughts, words, and actions, which lock you into passivity, fear, anger, and even into death, causing harm to you and others.

Your limiting beliefs need to be dismantled. Rejected. Thrown out for the rubbish they are. 

Paul would say to renounce the hidden things of dishonesty or shame (2 Corinthians 4:2).

“Renounce”, is an old fashioned word that means you speak out and disown them; declare they aren’t true, and then you give up those beliefs – even though they feel comfortable. 


After bringing harmful thoughts into the light, they are to be replaced with love. With truth. With life! 

That seems complicated. How on earth do you do that? 

By reading, memorizing, singing and meditating on the Word of God. 

A Fresh Start

To grow a healthy brain with healthy neuronal pathways and healthy dendrites – it is important to think on beautiful things.

It is also important to allow love to fill your heart and mind.

One of the most beautiful chapters in Scripture is 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter.

  • Love is greater than the greatest good deed.
  • Love is more powerful than prophetic gifts, than understanding mysteries, or having all knowledge.
  • Love is long-suffering and kind.

How Love Impacts Negative Thoughts

Love Does Not:


Become proud or arrogant.

Act unbecomingly.

Demand his or her own way.

Become easily triggered, angered, exasperated, provoked, or irritated.

Calculate offenses, take inventory, judge, or think on evil.


Endures and suffers without complaint.

Provides a safe place or a covering for those who are weak.

Thinks the best of others.

Has faith and trusts in the Lord.

Remains hopeful, waiting for salvation with joy and confidence in the Lord.

Patiently perseveres in the midst of misfortune and adversity.

We can sum this all up by saying, “Love never fails”!

Dear Heart,

God is Love. Jesus says if you abide in Him, He will fill you with His life, His thoughts, and His love. 

You see, love is a choice. It begins with taking responsibility for your thoughts. Reject and turn from the negative; it only harms you.

Choose to love Jesus, love the Word of God, and think the thoughts of Jesus. Choose to embrace the One who is Love.

Today, make the decision to read your Bible and fill your mind with the words of Jesus. 

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