Loved Like Never Before: Interview With Ken Symington

by Oct 29, 2019

The Father You Always Wanted

God designed you and I with a need to belong, be valued, and be loved. Apart from that foundation, we experience shame. Struggling to survive, we desperately strive to belong, be loved, and be valued for who we are. If we’re honest, most of us carry a deep father wound that skews our perception of the Heavenly Father.

Perhaps you see God as indifferent, punitive, capricious, absent, or angry.

I hear you asking, “So what?

If you view yourself through the grid of how you think God views you, it gives power to the enemy.

Unresolved wounds from childhood empower him to torment you and make you believe you don’t belong.

That no one can love you.

That you’re a failure and have no intrinsic value.

Though I loved Jesus, for decades that was my reality.

In this interview, Ken Symington, author of Loved Like Never Before: Discovering the Father Heart of God shares about his deep father wound. In response to his dad’s words, which left him broken and struggling to survive, Ken saw himself as a failure and was driven to perform to earn God’s approval. The Heavenly Father tenderly allowed Ken to face deep suffering to deliver him from darkness into the light of Daddy God’s love.

This interview includes:

  • Encouragement if your dad never said he was proud of you.
  • Practical steps to overcome lies about your identity.
  • Viewing God the Father through the eyes of Jesus.
  • Learning to embrace the reality Daddy God is good and He loves you.

Again, Father is an emotive word. If you didn’t feel loved or valued by your dad, you will respond to God the Father in secret rebellion, passivity, or drivenness to perform; behavior rooted in the false belief God the Father is not trustworthy or kind. There is a better way!

As you listen to Ken Symington, I pray the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. Ask Jesus to expose lies you believe about yourself and about the Heavenly Father. Let Jesus tell you who you are.

My dear friend, as Ken says, may Jesus’ Daddy become your Daddy – a Daddy who finds delight in you and wants to heal your broken heart.

I’d love to hear from you and pray with you as you move forward on your adventure to experience the freedom of the Father’s unconditional love for you.

May the joy of Abba Father’s love quiet your heart and fill you with His peace.

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