God the Father is Your Defender

by Dec 17, 2019

Walk With a Name of God

For 2019 I chose God’s name, Defender, to study and walk with.

Recently, this verse spoke to my heart. “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation” (Psa 68:5).

You may think, “That verse isn’t relevant to me. I’m not a widow.”

“Widow” comes from ‘alman, which means widowed or divorced; specifically it’s one who has been forsaken. Its root means to be bound or put to silence.

Father of the Fatherless

Do you ever feel abandoned? Like a fatherless child?

God says, “I am your Father. I’m not a Father who’s only there when you are good or do everything just perfect. I am your Father even when you are out on the street begging.”

Your Defender

When God names Himself, it’s important. Defender means judge, advocate, counselor.

Perhaps you wonder, “Why is that relevant to me?”

Satan accuses you day and night before God the Father. Serious duty accusations are flung at you.

The great news is your Defender listens to your heart cry, then defends you before the enemy of your soul. You are safe in the Defender’s care.

Call to Action

Names are important.

Pick a name of God (Father, Son, or Holy Spirit) to walk with during 2020. As you study and meditate on that name, you will be blessed.

You ask, “How do I choose a name?”

Good question!

  • Where do you need to grow?
  • What makes you feel unsafe?
  • What name counters your greatest weakness?
  • What name (and quality) will encourage you to resist temptation?

Ask Jesus for guidance.

Dear Heart

You are never alone. If Jesus is your LORD, Daddy God stands by your side as your Defender. He is always with you.

But it’s your choice if you resist the Spirit or receive the gift of the Defender’s counsel and defense.

Listen to the video below as I share about the Defender.

“The Bible says Daddy God has a special love for you. He doesn’t judge you. He reaches out to draw you to His heart to a place of safety.”

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