You Are God’s Work of Art

by Aug 13, 2020

Do I Have Value?

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us,” (2 Co 4:7).

Have you ever thought of yourself as a storehouse? According to Paul, you are. The place treasures and valuables are kept holds great importance. Because you are God’s treasure house, that means, even when you feel empty and insignificant, you have incredible value! 

The moment you asked Jesus to be your Saviour, God sealed you with His Holy Spirit. His Spirit dwells in you and provides you with all you need for life and godliness.

But, What If I’m Broken?

Perhaps you’re thinking that’s fine for others but I’m broken! God can’t use me.

You are a clay pot; the treasure of the Living God dwells inside you. The reality is clay pots are frail and easily broken.

The verse above has given me hope during times of discouragement and enabled me to cling to the truth. Despite my brokenness and failures, God doesn’t give up on me as He works to put me back together and make me usable.

Do you have a piece of china or pottery with a story behind it? I think if it was broken, you’d be unhappy. You might even secretly shed some tears. Maybe you’d hold the broken pieces to your heart, lamenting, “I can’t just throw it away.”

I hear you!

When my special handmade ornament slipped from my hands and broke, I was devastated. As tears slipped down my cheeks, I placed the pieces in a cotton layered box and put it in a safe place. It was too beautiful and held sentimental memories – making it too precious to discard.

I thought about using epoxy but dismissed that idea, lest the glue destroy its beauty and delicacy. For years, I kept those precious pieces, hoping one day to discover someone who could make the broken whole.

Kintsugi Is a Picture of Hope

About three years ago, I stumbled onto Kintsugi. To my delight, I learned of this ancient art form where broken pottery is repaired. Often the restored piece is more beautiful than the original piece.

After sanding the rough edges to make them smooth, the master paints lacquer along the edges and dusts it with gold, silver, or platinum powder to hold it together. The restoration highlights the break and draws your eye to the flaw. Kintsugi uses the brokenness of the vessel to make a unique and exquisite work of art.

You and I are broken vessels. It is impossible to fix you, for you are a person, not an object or a machine.

Trauma caused implosions, fragmented your personality and drove shards deep into your heart.

When you cry to the Lord for His healing touch, the Holy Spirit hovers tenderly over you. He who is Love embraces and overshadows you, allowing you to rest.

The Holy Spirit Will Do a Creative Work

I love this passage.

     “And the earth was without form and void {tôhûw va bôhûw}; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters….” (Gen 1:2).

As the Spirit brooded over earth’s devastation, Love brought order out of chaos and created light. 

When He looks at you, He sees the chaos, the brokenness, the ugliness and hopelessness of your life; nothing is hidden. But He does not turn away in disgust, nor is He repelled by your wounds.

Why? Because He defines you by His love; not by your brokenness.

Moved with compassion and deep commitment love, the Holy Spirit draws close and broods over you. With His comforting presence, wherever He illuminates the darkness, confusion evaporates.

With patience and tenderness, He picks up the shattered pieces of your life and gently works to make your scars beautiful as He shapes and transforms you into a vessel of beauty.

As He brings the edges of your life into godly order, the veil of blindness slowly begins to lift. And there in the darkness you begin to see Jesus, who loves and accepts you just as you are.

Is God’s Love Enough to Heal Me?

If you are human, you are a broken vessel. You may have been discarded by someone you loved and trusted. Your pain is great. It matters because you have value. 

Before you make any decisions, know this. God refuses to discard you. He sees you as a treasure worth keeping.

Daddy God loves you with an everlasting love. He knows everything that happened to you; He knows all your mistakes and flaws. But you do not need to be ashamed of your brokenness in His presence for He cares for you.

Jesus loves you! He died on Calvary in your place, taking your brokenness upon Himself. He shed His blood to cleanse and make you whole. 

The Holy Spirit loves you too. He is the Comforter who draws alongside to shield you and comfort you. With gentleness, He deals with the sharp edges and the shards of your life as He transforms you into the image of Christ. 

Dear Heart,

There is one drawback to God’s beautiful work of art that will hinder Him from turning you into a masterpiece. You can stay the same; you don’t have to be made whole. 

Your hurt and pain are real. You may cling to it as if it is a good friend. But if you do, your brokenness will turn into bitterness inside you.

If you invite the Holy Spirit to illuminate the hidden places of your heart, it will be uncomfortable, even painful. But healing and resolution only occurs as the brokenness is brought into the light and named.

It is also your choice how close you allow Him to come to you, or even if you allow Him to touch your brokenness.

You have incredible options. You may decide to trust Him enough to obey Him so He can make you whole.

The wonderful news is if you invite Him to have His way with you, He will transform your brokenness and make you into a beautiful Kintsugi vessel through whom the light of Christ shines.

Jesus is a wonderful high priest, with compassion for your weakness and frailties. He experienced every pain, every grief, every temptation you will ever experience – yet He is without sin. Be bold! Come boldly unto the throne of grace, where you will be received by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and there obtain mercy and find grace to help in your time of need (Heb 4:15-16).

With gentleness, the Holy Spirit deals with the sharp edges and shards of your life as He transforms you into the image of Christ.

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