Does God Really Love Me?

Do you find it difficult to imagine God loves you as you are?

If you have a father wound, such a thought is almost unthinkable.

Sunday, I saw one of the most beautiful pictures of a father’s love; it delighted my heart, giving me a new picture of my Heavenly Daddy.

Called and Predestined to Be Loved

An emergency call went out in our church for someone to take a baby for a few weeks. One couple responded and bonded with the infant. And he with them. Over time, they predestined he become their son – and applied for adoption. To their joy, it finally went through. Sunday, he was baptized.


Stick with me here because I am not advocating a doctrine of baptism, so please keep reading! At the public naming and baptism, the pastor explained the baptism was like the mark of circumcision – neither it nor circumcision saves us.


Safe in the Father’s Arms

The Daddy scooped Adrian* into his arms, then he and the Mommy went onto the platform, where the pastor spoke to them. Now Adrian is comfortable in those strong arms holding him. He knows it is his special place – a place of safety, belonging, and comfort – and he loves being in his Daddy’s arms.


As the father listened to the pastor, all of a sudden, the child gazing up at his Daddy (who wasn’t listening to him) cried, “Daddy. Daddy.” His tiny hands went to his father’s cheeks and turned his Daddy’s face to him, so they were gazing into each other’s eyes.


Adrian basks in his father’s love, and receives it with joy. He doesn’t have to earn his Daddy’s love; he knows he is his Daddy’s beloved son.


Most importantly, this child is fully accepted into a new family. The exciting part is Adrian has identified himself as theirs. They belong to him. If you didn’t know their story, you would never guess Adrian wasn’t their very own child.


Now, this is crucial. This couple chose Adrian. He is loved and protected. With strong commitment love, they drew him with bonds of loving-kindness. With cords of love, he’s been wrapped around their hearts. And because they belong to him, those cords of love also wrap around his heart.

He doesn’t have to earn his Daddy’s love, for he knows he is his Daddy’s son.

The Father God Sees You

This is the best part. During the ceremony, Adrian publicly received a new name. That is beautiful. But what touched my heart was the sight of Adrian’s little hand on his Daddy’s cheeks, turning his father’s face toward him. Adrian knows who he is; he knows he belongs to his Daddy. There is a strong attachment between them. As he cried “Daddy!”, it revealed genuine attunement between the father and his beloved son. Adrian is seen! And he is known.


So what’s my point? This is a beautiful picture of the Heavenly Father. He sees you; He loves you. He longs to scoop you up into his arms – but you have to allow His touch. Adrian doesn’t resist but leaps into his Daddy’s arms with abandonment and complete faith.

The Heavenly Father sees you; He loves you.

God Loves You Because You Are His Child


The father proclaimed Adrian’s new name with joy and pride. Adrian now carries the rights of a full-born son.

In the same way, the moment you invite Jesus into your heart as your Saviour and Lord, a transaction takes place where the Heavenly Father publicly adopts you into His family and calls you by name. You are His!


Adrian faced danger and alienation. Rescued by his new parents, he was given a safe place to grow into the man God created him to be. The Heavenly Father wants you to experience safety. Amid your loneliness and the adversity confronting you, He wants to hold you close to his heart, comfort you and guide you into your destiny.

God’s Love Requires Our Surrender


Then it hit me. Adrian’s hands were empty as he touched his Daddy’s cheeks. He brought nothing except himself. With complete vulnerability, based on sonship, he trusted, knowing his father would respond in kindness.


It reaffirmed my need to come to my Heavenly Daddy with empty hands, rest in His arms, allow Him to gently touch my cheek and look into my eyes as He listens to my heart’s cry. And oh the delight, scary, but delightful, to imagine touching the face of my Lord and know He sees me through eyes of love.


Amazing, isn’t it?

Dear Heart. The day you gave your life to Jesus, His Daddy became your Daddy. God adopted you. You are His. He is a good Daddy and you are safe in His arms.


You don’t have to fear Him, for He delights when you come to Him. He whispers, “I love you.” Are you quiet and listening? Do you gaze into His eyes, coming into attunement with Him? Do you come with empty hands and allow Him to hold and keep you safe? Do you receive and bask in His protective love, or do you scurry off, desperate to earn His favor and attention?

Today, come just as you are and rest in the Father’s embrace. That is the place of true safety.


You don’t have to fear the Father, for He delights when you come to Him.

Come in simplicity, like a child.

Come just as you are; accept the love and comfort of the Heavenly Daddy – who loves you, cares for you – and is a good, good Daddy.

See what great love the Father has given us that we should be called God’s children — and we are!

1 John 3:1a


loving father and son smiling and laughing

*Name changed for privacy

Photos by Anna Shvets  and Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

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