Prayer is Vital

Prayer is vital. According to Andrew Murray, prayer is the Christian’s life breath. Do you ever feel like a failure when it comes to praying?

Life Has Seasons

The first lesson to learn is life has seasons which ebb and flow. Dear heart, the ebb and flow of life will also occur within your prayer life. That is natural.


Think about it. Ebb and flow are healthy – even when it comes to praying!

Where you lack freedom to be in unity with whatever season you currently are in, your prayers will be out of unity with the season of your life.

The consequence? You won’t be able to pray in spirit and truth in unity with the Holy Spirit!


The exciting news is prayer is a discipline involving multiple choices! With seasons, prayer methods fluctuate. That is good. Over time, as you practice praying, you find your own special rhythm.


Rhythm! It is a beautiful thing to be in tune with your season. Like harmonious music, you will flow in unity with the Holy Spirit as you intercede for others.

As you practice praying, you find your own special rhythm.

What is Your Rhythm?

I grew up in a Baptist church, yet knew nothing of quiet times or prayer.

My first real experience of praying for others occurred in 1969, in an old warehouse rented by Operation Mobilisation (OM) for a summer conference. A few days after giving my life to the Lord, I traveled with the OM team from England to Belgium.

Hundreds of young people had gathered from North America and Europe for a week-long conference before going out as evangelistic teams throughout Europe.


That week in Belgium laid the foundation for my prayer life. After breakfast each day, we met to worship the Lord, then separated to have a quiet time. With my exercise book and basic instructions on meeting with the Lord, a new horizon was opened to me.


From my brother-in-law, George Verwer, I got the idea to make a prayer notebook. In those days, OM was quite frugal; our focus was on becoming a true disciple of Christ. Cameras and discipleship didn’t go together, so I came away from OM with very few photos! But the ones I had, went into my prayer book.

Daily, after spending time with the Lord, I would open it and begin to pray for each individual. I did that for several years, but then, when children came along, there was little time to sit down and pray; the prayer book was tucked away.


The Four Seasons

In life, we go through seasons. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Sometimes we forget about this in our Christian walk.


I had no idea there are also seasons in the spiritual realm. When scarcity hits, life seems to cease. Embraced by winter’s chill, I felt guilty and ashamed, believing I was a failure. But the amazing thing is, unnoticed, the Lord was at work deep inside me.


As you probably know, roots grow deeper during Winter, absorbing nourishment and storing energy for the wonder of Spring, when life bursts forth in blossoms and greenery.


With each season, my prayer life fluctuated. Sometimes it was vibrant, but sometimes it was like dry bones! Winter storms meant my prayer life focused on keeping my head above the raging waters; struggling to survive, I ceased praying for the world.

Unaware seasons impact the spiritual realm, I was confused.

Did you know confusion leads to sneak attacks from the enemy of your soul? The Holy Spirit never brings confusion. If you feel accused and ashamed for not praying with the same fervor as you used to, that feeling is leading you away from Jesus. Reject it, in Jesus’ name!

Every Season Has Beauty

One Winter season, I experienced the loss of both my parents, the loss of several others precious to me, and the loss of my health.

Discouraged over my prayer life, I cried to Jesus for help.


In Christ, you are not condemned.

To flow in unity with the Holy Spirit, turn your back on condemnation and receive the grace of the Lord. He doesn’t stand with a baseball bat in his hand, waiting for you to get out of line and make a mistake. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive us.


Today’s takeaway: There is NO CONDEMNATION.

Take a moment right now to pause and take a deep breath. Good. Now picture the Seasons in action as if they are playing a part on a stage.

Spring puts her hands on her hips, saying, “Winter, you are nothing but a failure.”

As Summer grows strong and productive, she boasts over Spring.

Then Autumn comes strutting, looking down his nose at the other seasons, boasting over his rich harvest.

Winter meekly creeps onto the stage, bowing and apologizing for the cold and barrenness he is bringing.

You see my point, right?

Here’s the big secret.

God ordained for each season to play their own unique notes in their own special time. Each plays a part in harmony with the other seasons in the beautiful Symphony of Life.

To flow in unity with the Holy Spirit, we must turn our back on condemnation and receive the grace of the Lord.

Ask the Lord:

What season am I experiencing right now?

  • When He shows you, give thanks.
  • Learn what that season is responsible for.
  • Rest in the Lord – in the Season He has brought.
  • Celebrate this Season of your life.

Like seasons of the year, if it is Winter, it will pass. Spring is around the corner! Instead of fighting or resisting, enjoy the season – whatever it is – celebrating what the Lord is doing in your life at this particular time.

Dear Heart,

I encourage you to SEIZE THE DAY!

Let the Holy Spirit have His perfect way with you, in this particular season of your life. Receive His love. That way, whatever prayer you offer – comes from a sincere heart. Where Jesus is LORD, your prayer will be offered in spirit and in truth.


“God is a Spirit: and they who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).

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