Elizabeth became Queen when I was a little girl, too young to know anything about kings or queens. And yet, all my life in which I had any awareness of England, Elizabeth was the Queen.

The royal family belongs to Great Britain. In a broader sense, they belong to the world.

You may wonder what difference that makes.

Charles, now King of England, was born four months before my brother, Charles. HRH and his sister, Anne, grew up at the same time as me, experiencing life events in a similar stage to what I was experiencing. They married and became young parents when I was a young parent. As their actions and pictures were splashed on magazines, newspapers, and television, it created a bond in which I sympathized and felt a sense of unity with them. But I also disagreed with some of their actions. Because the royal family has always been on my radar screen, they feel a part of my life, as they do for multitudes of people.

What is so special about them?

The monarchy offers a symbol of stability to the world, demonstrating the glory of what can happen when things go right in a country. Their pageantry appeals to our need for beauty and order.

Queen Elizabeth has been a historical bulwark, standing the test of time. During her reign, kings have risen and fallen. Prime ministers and Presidents have come and gone. Nations have been dismantled, renamed, reconfigured, experienced revolution, and then resurrected or reconstructed. Wars have come and gone. Ways of life have ceased and new ways exalted.

But Elizabeth has stood in dignity and strength as Queen of the United Kingdom for 70 years! That is almost my entire lifetime.

In the last 70 years, this world has changed in ways beyond telling. As I’ve observed and lived through the chaos and confusion, the adjustments and alterations, there has been one physical constant. Queen Elizabeth has smiled and waved, visited and captivated the hearts and respect of nations, and remained her constant calm and gracious self. As she has lifted her hand, nodded, or opened her mouth to speak words of comfort or challenge, we smile, take a deep breath, and sit back feeling more relaxed than moments before.

The monarchy is intricately linked to the people of Britain. When my home was in England, it seemed we derived a sense of dignity, belonging, and a knowing of who we were as we watched the Queen and Prince Philip. The Queen was always present to bring balance and hold the promise of continuity and hope, especially when everything was falling apart. In that way, she offered us hope for a better day.

I loved the Queen. I disagreed with some of the things she did, but she was a woman worthy of respect and admiration. A beautiful model for females, integrating femininity, strength, and courage. But like all things of this world, her days were numbered, and she no longer graces us with her presence.

My pondering leads me to the conclusion we must be vigilant and wise. We are moving into a new day. New is never synonymous with good or wise. In fact, new often signals the demise of something beautiful and good. I fear the direction we move towards is like in the days of yore. There were wonderful kings in Israel and Judah. Sadly, their sons often rejected the faith of their fathers.

No man or woman, no matter how powerful they are or how much we might believe they are the key to the success of our nation, holds the key to life or death.

No human can hold this world in the palm of their hands.

Only our Redeemer and LORD. The Almighty God is good. He makes no mistakes. He is our Sovereign Liege Lord; it is before Him we must bow in worship and adoration, for it is before Him we either stand or fall.

As the transition of power is made from Queen Elizabeth to her son, let us set our eyes on our LORD Jesus, who is the same – yesterday, today, and forever – worthy of our affection and loyalty.

He is not a figurehead. He is the true Sovereign, holding all power. Let us thank God we may approach our Lord any time, day or night – moving straight into His presence. Let us also remember with deep gratitude – Jesus died so that you might experience forgiveness of sin and peace with God. Because He arose from the grave, you may be assured of eternal life and the glory that one day you will stand in His physical presence.

Our Lord Jesus is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings, and the LORD of lords, who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no one has ever seen or can see. To him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen. (1 Timothy 6:16)

Image of the queen from Wikimedia

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