Is Victory Possible?

Jesus is our Healer. He delights in healing broken hearts.

You may wonder if there is hope for you to experience healing and victory in spite of the rubble in your life.

The Repairer of the Breach

Here’s the bottom line. Jesus is greater than your greatest failure. He is more powerful than any breach this world knows.

In fact, as Lord, He is the Repairer of the Breach.

Though initially invisible, breaches are significant. If water drips on a rock, though rock is harder than water, over time, the continuous dripping water cuts a deep hole into that rock.

Or if a shingle is slightly askew, a tiny bit of water enters. With stormy seasons and the passage of time, unseen water will cause internal damage to your roof.

Jesus is greater than your greatest failure. He is more powerful than any breach this world knows.

What is a breach?

A breach is anything that opens you to the kingdom of darkness.

In the same way as the drip of water entering beneath the shingle, a breach begins as a tiny opening, a fracture or rupture of the protective wall around you through which the enemy of your soul infiltrates, killing beauty as it brings in fear and self-doubt. Over time, what breaches your defenses will cause damage that leaves rubble and decay, causing anxiety and depression.

Sexual abuse brings a breach. It causes fallout, remnants that impact the rest of your life. Freedom means getting rid of the rubble.

What are some other breaches?

  • Your mom or grandmom experienced unresolved fear, shame, anger, or guilt while you were in utero.
  • An insecure attachment with your parents.
  • Early childhood abuse.
  • No safe place.
  • Not valued for who you are.
  • Not seen or heard in a healthy way.
  • Exposure to pornography or sexual abuse.
  • Victim of (or seeing) violence as a child.
  • Called names or told you were stupid or foolish.
  • Teased or the brunt of jokes about your appearance or intelligence.
  • Neglect or lack of nurture.

This list is not extensive. Many things cause a breach.

Deal With the Rubble Before You Rebuild

The rubble from past destruction blocked progress and became hazardous to the workers. Nehemiah had to prioritize dealing with the debris. Only then could the people safely rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.

You and I have rubble from our past. We must face it with Jesus and deal with it in light of the Father’s love.

Unfortunately, the rubble is made up of lies and limiting beliefs you don’t even know exist. The Holy Spirit needs access to break that rubble down, allowing you to find safety and experience the depths of the riches of your salvation.

You and I have rubble from our past. We must face it with Jesus and deal with it in light of the Father’s love.

“Forgetting the Past” Doesn’t Deal With the Rubble

A common mistake Christians make is to “just forget your past”.

The past is written in your DNA. Unresolved, it creates anxiety and fear. Trying to forget your past is like sweeping dirt under the rug. In the daily busyness of life, hidden dirt will seep into the air and pollute your breath. One day, you will trip and fall – the consequence of not dealing with a breach in accordance with Scripture.

The Bible has an answer for every question – spoken or unspoken. Isaiah says, “the LORD binds up the breach of his people, and heals the stroke of their wound” (Isa 30:26 NKJV).

The past is written in your DNA.

Bring Your Wounds to Jesus

He asks you to bring your past to Him. Then He waits.

Will you bring your hidden wounds to Him? Will you allow Him access to the rubble and the infection deep inside that steals you of joy today?

If you do, He goes straight to the breach, the place of breaking, to the ruins, and the devastation. He moves to where the wall was broken through, crushed, and destroyed.

Whether of broken dreams or broken and violated boundaries, Jesus comes into the ruins caused by your wounding. Even as the Holy Spirit grieved over the devastation and chaos of the earth and brooded over the face of the deep before any creative act occurred – the Lord identifies with you and comes to hover over that wounded place.

He waits with tenderness to heal and set you free. In your brokenness and inability to escape the pain and shame, the guilt and fear, He will gently transfer that rubble onto Himself – relieving you of any burden – if you allow Him.

Dear Heart,

It is your choice. You may continue through life crushed by the breach – or you may turn and ask for His help.

Jesus is the Repairer of the breach. He will clear the rubble away, but only if you allow Him.

Allow Jesus to Comfort You

There is a catch we often ignore to our own peril.

If we repress, ignore, or pretend the past doesn’t impact our todays, that breach continues to block the healing touch of Jesus. It thwarts the deep cleansing of defilement from your wound. Unless He first ministers to your injury by removing the defilement, He cannot comfort you or repair the broken place. Worse, whatever is unclean retains the power to hurt you and hold you in captivity.

Jesus wants to forgive and cleanse you of all your iniquities and all the iniquities done against you. Only then may He put the past where it belongs – under His authority – and comfort your broken heart.

The solution was simple. Sadly, it took me years to learn. But oh, how exciting. As I acknowledged my past to Jesus, He removed the rubble of the breaches. With tenderness, He repaired broken and violated places of my heart and washed those hidden areas with His own blood. Jesus is my Healer.

He wants to heal your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

The good news is Jesus died for your broken heart. He paid the penalty for the sexual abuse, the physical, emotional, verbal, mental, and spiritual abuse that diminishes you and blocks your progress. He took those wounds and breaches upon Himself, so you might be set free.

Will you bring the breaches of your life to Him? If you do, He will tenderly heal you.

And [they that shall be] of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The Repairer of the breach, The Restorer of paths to dwell in.

Isaiah 58:12

As you open yourself to the healing touch of the Lord Jesus, you may wonder, “Does He hear me?”

In this video, I share an encouraging word for when it feels like He doesn’t hear and maybe doesn’t even care.

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