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The Oxygen Mask Principle – When You Simply Need To Breathe

Robin Lewis is a blessing. One of my most treasured memories of her occurred several years ago. It was a dark rainy night; the hospital had called informing me my son had been brought in with a severe head injury from an intruder and was dying. I called Robin and...
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Understanding the Father’s Love With a Starburst of Joy

When winter storms assail, we have the tendency to retreat and engage in introspective thoughts that cause us to withdraw, murmur and complain. But our Heavenly Father allows seasons to touch our lives, even the winter season. His purpose is to teach us to rest...
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When Valentine’s is a Day of Grief, Loneliness, Heartbreak, and Feelings of Failure

Valentine’s is wonderful if you have a partner. But what if you are grieving? Please know you are not alone and there is hope. Last week I shared about my precious daughter dying. Her service was on Valentine’s Day, a cold, blustery, snowy day. Since then, February...
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Who Am I? How Do I Develop a Healthy Identity?

You may know you are God’s child and believe Jesus loves you. Yet, be overwhelmed by feelings of rejection, depression, and insecurity, and hide in your imagination to feel safe. You love Jesus, but deep down, you feel worthless, empty, and unloved, and try to earn...

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Pray for the Rohingya

Genocide is Happening in Myanmar The Rohingya are Sunni Muslims who have lived in Myanmar since the 15th century. They are not recognized by the Myanmar government and have faced discrimination for generations. In 1962 their rights were limited, and today they are...

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How to be Thankful When You Dread the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas may be a difficult time of the year, bringing increased stress and anxiety. For some, it highlights a sense of isolation or pain due to the loss of a loved one or of not having family nearby. Perhaps romantic expectations of what the holiday...

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Finding Hope In The Place Of Shame

What Defines You? Can you imagine being publicly scorned? Can you feel the shame of ruthless eyes stripping you of your dignity and viciously crying out with self-righteous judgment against you, “Guilty!” Have you experienced your parents belittling you? Have you...

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As a former nurse, missionary, rape victim advocate, and mentor, Barbara has experienced and seen the effects of trauma and violence that limits one’s freedom to move forward in victory.

Her passion is to encourage others to retrain their brain so they can see life in a fresh way. She challenges each person to “Choose Life!”

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