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Did Jesus Celebrate Hanukkah? The Light of the World | Video Blog

Did Jesus Celebrate Hanukkah? Today I share in under 5 minutes what I learned during Hanukkah! I answer the question, "Did Jesus celebrate Hannukah?" and share some of the history behind the Festival of Dedication. Enjoy the vlog and let me know your thoughts. May the...

Your Failures and Limitations Do Not Define You

It is easy to focus on a disability or limitation and allow that to become your identity. It is also easy to focus on failure or the failure of a person who rubs you the wrong way.

May This Festival of Lights Bring Blessings Upon You and Your Loved Ones

God's Provision After the defilement of the Temple by Antiochus Epiphanes, Judah Maccabee led his people against their enemy. Triumphantly entering Jerusalem, he reclaimed the Temple; then purified it from the abomination and defilement of the Greek army. Originally,...

Do You Ever Engage in Imaginary Conversations?

A World You Can Control Do you ever engage in imaginary conversations where you become a victim? I am sure you will quickly answer no. But if you are like most of humanity, then you regularly engage in such conversations. You know. The kind where you were walking down...

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You Can Break the Cycle of Abuse

Break the Cycle of Abuse If you have been victimized, you don’t believe you are worthy of respect. You probably don’t even respect yourself. This leads to a fairy tale mindset where you imagine scenarios where someone comes and rescues you. Living in your imagination...

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How To Overcome Perfectionism

Perfect You don’t have to be perfect. I know you don’t believe me. I didn’t believe it either. That was before I learned how to overcome perfectionism. As a child I desperately tried to be perfect. Longing for affirmation, I modeled my behavior by what I had heard...

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Jonathan Edwards Book Review

Years ago I was introduced to Jonathan Edwards when a young man quoted from “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”. My internal safety system went on high alert for I believed God was an angry, cruel old man up in the skies longing to catch someone – especially me –...

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How to Set Boundaries for Godly Sexuality

God wired us for sex. He wired us to find pleasure in it! If you are human, you were created to find pleasure in sex. Juxtaposed with pleasure, God established boundaries for the expression of sexual needs and desires within healthy relationships. Sex is to be between...

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Who is the Gatekeeper of Your Memories?

Just Get Over It! From childhood, we were taught to stuff our emotions. As tears slid down your face, perhaps you were told, “Men don’t cry!” Or, “It didn’t mean anything, he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing.” Or “Good girls don’t get raped.” Or “Christians...

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Animal Cracker Jesus

Your Own Personal Jesus We love Jesus. We happily sing about Him being the Lion. That thrills us; makes us feel spiritual, giving us a sense of power. Lions are intimidating. Wise is the person who treats a lion with respectful fear. But as we approach Jesus Christ,...

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In Honor of Fathers

A Hiding Place I first began to imagine the Heavenly Father as a kind Father while I was reading Corrie ten Boom’s, The Hiding Place back in the '70's. Corrie’s father was a safe place for Corrie to go to and share her heart. In some ways, as I read that book, because...

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Find New Life by the Breath of the Spirit

Birth Birthdays are a wonderful event. A chance to celebrate life. Everyone loves a celebration. Last week I celebrated my second birth. This Saturday I will celebrate the day when I was first born! The first time you were born was a wonderful event, celebrated by the...

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Why is it so hard for me to rest in God?

Is It Hard For You to Be Quieted By His Love? One morning as I was praying outside, I heard a rustling noise. A mother dove and her chick appeared, walking through the grass. As I watched, I was transfixed by the spiritual lesson unfolding before me as the baby bird...

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The Story of 5 Trees and What They Taught Me

A Tree of Safety When I was about six, my brother Lea taught me to climb a huge tree, we called it the cigar tree – for it had seed pods that looked like cigars. Lea would lift me up, show me where to put my hands and feet, then descend behind me and place my feet in...

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A Mother’s Day Prayer

What do you face as a Mother? Mother’s Day is a special day of the year. A day of celebration of life. A day of joy. But the reality is many of us carry deep grief that threatens to overwhelm our broken heart as we shed secret tears in the night.  Whatever you face as...

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A Hidden Life: The Story of Telemachus

The power of transformative love took a little man and turned him into a great man whose life impacted a nation for good. Telemachus was a monk who lived in the 5th century AD in Asia, a place we know as Turkey. I was first introduced to him through the writing of...

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In Celebration of God’s Paschal Lamb

Passover is a wonderful time to consider the Paschal Lamb, foretold in Scripture. Last week we spoke of the “Zeroah”, the mighty arm of the Lord, who would come as a Suffering Servant to be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities. If you missed...

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A Pagan Holiday or a Celebration of Life?

I love Resurrection Sunday! To me, it is the single most important day of the year. The first Easter after my baby girl went to be with Jesus, the truth of the resurrection hit me in a fresh way. I had always loved Easter but that day, my heart was nurtured in a way I...

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As a former nurse, missionary, rape victim advocate, and mentor, Barbara has experienced and seen the effects of trauma and violence that limits one’s freedom to move forward in victory.

Her passion is to encourage others to retrain their brain so they can see life in a fresh way. She challenges each person to “Choose Life!”

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