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Signs a Relationship is Becoming Toxic

If you are in a relationship where you're not accepted for who you are; you aren't treated with respect; your boundaries are ignored; you are being manipulated, mocked, humiliated, and even victimized – you need to know – the Lord doesn’t approve of what is happening....

What is Abuse and Why Do We Avoid Talking About It?

It’s uncomfortable to talk about abuse. It takes courage to name the abuse and to speak the truth about what happened.

Abuse Doesn’t Have the Authority to Shape Your Identity

Power Vs. Authority Abuse has power to shape you but it doesn’t have authority to determine who you become. Abuse says you have no value. Tha's a lie. Abuse has no authority to tell you who you are. My dear friend, you are so much more than what happened to you. Are...

In Celebration of God’s Paschal Lamb

Passover is a wonderful time to consider the Paschal Lamb, foretold in Scripture. Last week we spoke of the “Zeroah”, the mighty arm of the Lord, who would come as a Suffering Servant to be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities. If you missed...

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A Pagan Holiday or a Celebration of Life?

I love Resurrection Sunday! To me, it is the single most important day of the year. The first Easter after my baby girl went to be with Jesus, the truth of the resurrection hit me in a fresh way. I had always loved Easter but that day, my heart was nurtured in a way I...

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Who Am I? How Do I Develop a Healthy Identity?

You may know you are God’s child and believe Jesus loves you. Yet, be overwhelmed by feelings of rejection, depression, and insecurity, and hide in your imagination to feel safe. You love Jesus, but deep down, you feel worthless, empty, and unloved, and try to earn...

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Pray for the Rohingya

Genocide is Happening in Myanmar The Rohingya are Sunni Muslims who have lived in Myanmar since the 15th century. They are not recognized by the Myanmar government and have faced discrimination for generations. In 1962 their rights were limited, and today they are...

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Finding Hope In The Place Of Shame

What Defines You? Can you imagine being publicly scorned? Can you feel the shame of ruthless eyes stripping you of your dignity and viciously crying out with self-righteous judgment against you, “Guilty!” Have you experienced your parents belittling you? Have you...

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Pray For Iran

How You Can Pray For Iran The New Millennium Version of the Bible in Farsi may be widely distributed. 100 million precious individuals speak Farsi. Probably most have never seen a Bible. For Farsi speaking individuals in the West to make contact with true believers...

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About Barbara

As a former nurse, missionary, rape victim advocate, and mentor, Barbara has experienced and seen the effects of trauma and violence that limits one’s freedom to move forward in victory.

Her passion is to encourage others to retrain their brain so they can see life in a fresh way. She challenges each person to “Choose Life!”

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