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“Barbara and I attended the same church and we formed a bond that allowed her to become my mentor and we would meet regularly. At the time my husband wasn’t saved and my in-laws moved in to my house. She helped me to depend on Jesus more than I ever had. 

She showed me unconditional love and the healing Jesus had to offer that I had pushed away so many times. She introduced me to a relationship with Jesus I didn’t know was possible.

There were so many layers to my healing. I had issues with my self worth as well as having unresolved sin from being abused when I was younger. She was honest with me and held me accountable and I will always cherish the time we had together.

Lorraine Howard

Working Mom

“The way Miss Barbara has helped me is she has shown me my true worth. She helped me deal with past hurts and trauma.

She has been a wonderful friend and counselor in my life.

She has always made me feel valued.”

Tabitha Cliburn

Working Mom

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