A Guide to Overcoming Crippling Loneliness

What to Do When You’re Lonely

Perhaps you have suffered the pain of loneliness and faced the stigma as others exhorted you to just snap out of it. Today, loneliness is recognized as an insidious global epidemic creating a tsunami of anxiety, isolation, helplessness, and ill-health.

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Lessons from King David on Loneliness

When David was trapped in that cage of isolation, he experienced normal responses to enforced solitude. He became downhearted. Discouraged. Lonely.

Perhaps you have experienced the darkness of loneliness David went through. Perhaps you are just entering a time where everything familiar seems to have ended. This is what we can learn from King David…

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Understand Loneliness (and Take Back Your Life)

Take courage. Loneliness need not have the last word. There is an antidote. You can conquer this insidious poison. 

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How to Find Purpose When You Feel Cast Aside or Invisible

Despite how things feel, let me assure you God has a purpose and a plan for your life; He is always closest during times of hiddenness and adversity.

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The Science of How Singing Banishes Loneliness (Singing as Self-Care)

When you sing – your focus turns away from you; it turns from what you fear, from your sense of helplessness and isolation. 

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The Story of Telemachus (Hope for Those Who Feel Forgotten)

God’s path led Telemachus into obscurity and adversity where he would learn faithfulness and genuine love as he refused to allow feelings to determine his reality. In the midst of drudgery, he found significance in being a son of God, learned to give thanks, praise God, and work with excellence simply because he loved the Lord.

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If you’ve felt battered and scarred by life, you know spiritual warfare is real. You don’t have to fight the battle alone. There is One who is a very present help in time of need.

Whether you’re familiar with spiritual warfare or it’s a biblical concept you’ve never understood, this book will help you apply spiritual principles to your life and begin moving forward into spiritual victory.

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