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We all carry the wounds of our past. But, there is healing. Join me on the journey to the abundant life. You’ll find there is joy and peace overflowing.

Freedom from the Victim identity: Practical Steps to Forgiveness

3 lessons I learned From almost breaking my Foot

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Do You Ever Engage in Imaginary Conversations?

A World You Can Control Do you ever engage in imaginary conversations where you become a victim? I am sure you will quickly answer no. But if you are like most of humanity, then you regularly engage in such conversations. You know. The kind where you were walking down...

Practical Steps to Forgiveness | How To Forgive Deeply Video Blog

How to Forgive Last week we talked about how to break the cycle of abuse. Even if you aren't in an abusive relationship, if you live on this earth, you will have experienced some kind of abuse. Unresolved abuse will set you up to feel like you are a victim. The first...

You Can Break the Cycle of Abuse

Break the Cycle of Abuse If you have been victimized, you don’t believe you are worthy of respect. You probably don’t even respect yourself. This leads to a fairy tale mindset where you imagine scenarios where someone comes and rescues you. Living in your imagination...

How To Overcome Perfectionism

Perfect You don’t have to be perfect. I know you don’t believe me. I didn’t believe it either. That was before I learned how to overcome perfectionism. As a child I desperately tried to be perfect. Longing for affirmation, I modeled my behavior by what I had heard...

Just Breathe: Keys to Regulate Reactive Behavior

Extra Notes As you take time to just breathe, it down-regulates your amygdala and enables you to move out of the reactivity of the reptilian brain that yells danger. Exhaling through your nose switches you into the thoughtfulness and cognitive functioning of your...

Will I Ever Feel Safe After a Divorce?

The pain of divorce is overwhelming. Major problems confront us. Will the pain ever end? Will we ever feel safe after a divorce? Will we be able to trust again?

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