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Restoring Dignity and Hope to Trauma Survivors

As a trauma survivor, I know first hand the need to work through adverse childhood experiences and trauma.

Healing from the wounds of the past takes hard work and commitment. I’d love to help you begin the transformative journey to freedom.

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A Tribute to the Queen Points Us to the King of Kings

Elizabeth became Queen when I was a little girl, too young to know anything about kings or queens. And yet, all my life in which I had any awareness of England, Elizabeth was the Queen. The royal family belongs to Great Britain. In a broader sense, they belong to the...

What Does the Jewish Month of Av Mean for Christians?

  Historically, Av is the month of tragedy and of national lament; a 3 week period of sorrow where Jews reflect on their disobedience and mourn the Temple’s destruction. It is the time of Teshuvah or repentance. As Believers in Jesus Christ, “Do you not know that...

A Practical Guide to Daily Intercessory Prayer | With Sample Prayers

Have you ever felt like you don’t pray enough? Use these steps as a guide to intercessory prayer.

This Secret Changed My Prayer Life

Let me share a secret that changed my prayer life: No formula exists that can turn a person into a prayer warrior.

Are You Suffering? Come Rest In the Arms of the Almighty

The sweetest lessons on prayer are learned in the valley of suffering, nestled in the arms of the Holy Spirit. Healing is a journey, even a lifestyle, with no quick fixes because you are not a machine; you are a beautiful person created in the image of God. In my...


These six weeks truly blessed me so much. 

I came with an open heart, mind, body and soul to receive what I asked for. I received more than I asked. The presence of God was very strong in those sessions and I relaxed and released all to him. I will recommend anyone to these sessions because healing and deliverance is so needed.



Barbara’s intuitive, compassionate and direct approach have been such a blessing in our lives.
Sherry Brooks


“Barbara’s knowledge of health and well-being along with her spiritual insights is a power combination. She speaks to our hearts and cares for our wholeness.

I appreciate her life experiences and her knowledge of the Word of God. I believe she can make a valuable contribution to our lives.”

Tami Sue Webster

Social Influencer, Bleu Tabby

“As a coach and minister, Barbara Hitching has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Her teaching and prayer ministry have helped me get clear on what the Lord was saying in my situation and her partnering with me in prayer brought results!

There have been many times her blog posts were filled with the strategy and wisdom I needed at that time. I thank God for Barbara Hitching and her team and highly recommend her coaching and prayer ministry services.”

Robin Lewis

The Freedom Coach,

I respect your privacy, I will never sell your info or spam you. Providing your name and email subscribes you to a weekly email. 

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