After Houston, Fear Grips the Nation as We Wait for Hurricane Irma

by Sep 8, 2017

Today, we are facing Irma, a hurricane of epic proportions. There is a natural fear of the unknown.

But people are beginning to panic from the media coverage and declarations of possible disasters. Children are reporting sick to school clinics, frightened by media hype of what might happen. The climate of fear grows. Bottled water (a necessity to Floridians for survival) has been almost impossible to find. In some areas, stores have empty shelves. And the fear grows.

Are We Safe?

Living in Florida, we know there will be threats of hurricanes every Fall, along with much speculation as to when, where, and how strong the winds will be if they hit.

Fear of the unknown is insidious. It is an enemy we cannot reason with; it must be faced and conquered. The Lord Jesus promises to cast out such fear with His perfect love as we trust Him.

The power of wind is incredible. I do not doubt that. And the shock and trauma of raging storms leaves a wake of suffering humanity.

Today, the quiet voice of the Lord beckons me to hide in Him. “Just trust Me”, He whispers.

I picture Jesus, the Master of the Seas, in the fishing boat, standing and speaking to the storm. He calmed the roiling waters and quieted the raging sea.

He is still Lord. He quiets my heart with His love and reminds me He is Sovereign Lord. No storm is greater than His love. If there is a disaster, He will help us rebuild.

This Too Shall Pass

When the Vikings faced danger, they said, “This too shall pass!” Take courage, my friends. Do not be gripped by fear, for Jesus will be with us in the storm.

It is wise to take precautions. We need to prepare in case the storm hits with vengeance.

What Should We Do?

The first question isn’t to evacuate or to stay. The question is, will I trust my Lord in the midst of the storm and not give in to the spirit of fear?

Where we remain calm, we will make wise decisions out of clarity of mind. Moving in the reactivity of fear, we make decisions based on feelings and chaos will ensue. We may even act hateful towards those we think are in our way or seem to hinder our drive to be in control.

Something Corrie ten Boom said has stayed with me for decades and has been a source of encouragement that brings me to a place of balance, of sanity, of comfort.

“The safest place is in the center of the Lord’s will.”

We avoid things that are unsafe. That is reasonable. But we cannot live our life or make decisions according to our feelings. Fear will always be with us. Unless we face it, it will conquer us. Again, I don’t suggest we ignore safety warnings or be foolish.

Let us remember the Lord loves us. Let us respond to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. If He bids us stay or go – then we obey. Whatever decision we make, whether it be fair weather or foul, we choose to rest in His protective care. And so I bring Him my fear.

He quiets my heart. He is greater than what I fear. In the midst of danger – whether things turn out good or not, even as a baby chick rests underneath its mother’s wings, He calls us to rest under His Almighty Shadow.

In His Hands

I do not know what the future holds or if Irma will come tearing through our state. I do know the One who holds my future. And He is worthy of my trust!

May the Lord comfort your heart in the midst of whatever trial you are facing. Whatever the storm in your life – may He be your hiding place. May you learn to rest in His goodness, knowing the safest place you can be is resting in the center of His will.

To be safe doesn’t mean there will be no suffering. But we have hope. Jesus died in our place to save us from sin. He is with us and will never leave us.

Let us hope in the Lord. Look for His hand of mercy to rest upon us in the midst of the storm.

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” (2 Chron 16:9a)

Let Us Pray

Rather than walk in fear of what might happen, we can pray.


  • Protection for those in the path of the hurricane.
  • Our hearts be turned to the Lord in genuine repentance.
  • For His mercy causing Irma and subsequent hurricanes to turn harmlessly into the ocean.
  • Millions in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are homeless from monsoon floods of epic proportions. May God protect the children and provide clean water, food, and shelter.
  • For those suffering after the floods in Texas.
  • For our neighbors south of us suffering in the wake of the hurricane.
  • For those in California, Montana,  and Oregon facing wildfires.

May the Lord quiet your heart with His love, calm your fears, and still the troubled sea churning in your breast.

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