An Interview with Kate McCord

Kate McCord is a former NGO worker who spent 9 years in Afghanistan. Today, she is an author, a Spiritual Director, and story teller.

I was first introduced to Kate when I read In the Land of the Blue Burqas, where I found myself transported to Afghanistan, a country I had briefly visited as a young woman.

Subsequently, I had the opportunity to review her book Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places for Moody Press. Her book tugged at my heart and invited me to walk with her through difficult places. When I had the opportunity to interview her, I was delighted.

In this day of mass tragedies, Kate unashamedly brings the truth of violence before our eyes to help us see in a fresh way the wonder of the Father heart of God for each individual, no matter how unlovely or evil.

  • She shares how life began in the presence of the Heavenly Father.
  • She invites us to walk in forgiveness.
  • She encourages us to move from being spectators to becoming participators in life.
  • She challenges us to love Jesus with all of our heart.

Kate is a delight. She passionately loves the Lord Jesus and enjoys life and people. I encourage you to join us and listen to her sharing her heart.

I must add as I read her books and then had the privilege to speak with her, I was deeply impressed. Kate has a depth of wisdom I personally lacked when as a young woman I was introduced to people from different nations. How wonderful if there had been someone like her beside me to mentor and encourage me along the journey.

I pray you are encouraged by her testimony of God’s faithfulness in hard places.

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