Memories and Wishes for a Wonderful Thanksgiving

by Nov 22, 2018

Thanksgiving is a day set aside to be thankful

I grew up in Wisconsin. At Thanksgiving, churches happily decorated the altar with large pumpkins and colorful gourds. Corn stalks, a bale or two of hay, and colorful leaves reminded us of God’s faithfulness.

The hard work of the harvest was finished. The cold days of winter were upon us and we were truly grateful. Each family brought tomatoes or beans, carrots or corn, apples or pumpkins, and fresh canned veggies. Baskets overflowed with goodies to share with those struggling.

Over time, as fewer people had gardens, tin cans of food and bags of sugar and flour replaced the fresh veggies.

If you are from the U.K., you may remember celebrating Harvest Festival. Again, churches demonstrated gratitude for the in-gathering of fruit and veggies.

In Israel, the Lord instructed His people to celebrate Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles. The harvest was safely gathered in and it was time to give thanks. Jesus celebrated Sukkot, thanking God for His faithful provision.

Remember Past Joys

The Lord is good. His mercies are new every morning.

You may say you’re alone; one you love is no longer with you. Yet, it is healthy to give thanks to the Lord.

It is also healthy to take time to relax and remember the joys you shared with those you love. It is good to celebrate the faithfulness of the Lord who loves you.

Make New Memories

Perhaps you are hurting. Thanksgiving is connected to hurtful memories from the past. Today, you can begin again.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to make new memories. Yesterday, I was speaking with a sweet young lady who loves Thanksgiving. She smiled and said, “Yes, I call all my friends and we get together and enjoy each other’s company.”

Take time to go around the dinner table and let each person share what they are grateful for. That’s a precious time to listen to what each has learned or gained during the year – often in spite of adversity.

Dear Heart,

I pray you and yours have a thankful Thursday, thanking the Lord for His faithful love.

You may be all alone. Please do something special for yourself. Then take time to be thankful.

For instance, call someone up and chat. Invite someone who will be all alone, to join you for a cup of coffee and piece of pie. And celebrate!

In conclusion, remember Jesus is the Guest at table with you. Share with Him what you are grateful for.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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