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by Dec 13, 2018

Did Jesus Celebrate Hanukkah?

Today I share in under 5 minutes what I learned during Hanukkah!

I answer the question, “Did Jesus celebrate Hannukah?” and share some of the history behind the Festival of Dedication.

Enjoy the vlog and let me know your thoughts.

May the Lord bless you during this holy season with the wonder of His sweet presence.

More on Hanukkah

In the center of our menorah is a branch, that holds the candle known as the shamash. In Aramaic it means the servant. On many menorahs, the shamash is raised, sitting higher than the other candles.

To the right and to the left are four branches. On the first day, the shamash is lit, then is used to light the first candle on the right. On each successive day, another candle is lit until on the 8th day, all are lit. Again, the shamash is used as the light that brings light into the darkness.

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