How You Can Experience Freedom From Curses

by May 21, 2019

Words have power to bless or to curse others. The words you speak over yourself have the same power. Negative words bring limitations, insecurity, torment, illness, and even death. The joyful news is there is freedom from every curse. 

Prepare to Die

I was in seventh grade when a week before Christmas I was admitted to hospital for tests for pain and a mysterious fever.  

One afternoon, a child cried in distress. A thin black buzzard of a man walked unannounced into my room. Like a specter of doom, black hair tinged with gray, black robe sweeping the ground, his eyes gleamed with a strange hatred. Shutting the door, he marched to my bed and pronounced, “You have come here to die.”

“Nooo, I, I came for tests.”

“That’s what they want you to think. The truth is, you came here to die.”

I shook my head. His eyes narrowed. “Do you hear that child crying?” At the precise moment he glanced towards the door, a horrid cry rent the air.

Nodding my head, I pulled my sheet to my chin in a futile effort to protect myself.

Silently he weighed me in the balance. His voice, cold as ice, sounded forth in judgment. “Children come here to die. Yesterday a child died. Today, the child crying will die.”

Again silent, he allowed me to digest his words. When he spoke, he sounded friendly, as if pleased to share a secret with me. “You are dying too. That is why you came here. You are going to die.”

He stared deeply into my eyes as if examining something inside me. Reassured, he nodded his head. “Yes, you are dying.” He turned and walked to the door.

With great authority he made his final pronouncement. Daggers from his eyes pierced me, accentuated by words thrown like knives, “You. Shall. Die.”

Nodding his head with contentment, the specter of death strode out of door, leaving me trembling with fear.

A Second Curse

The second time a curse of death was spoken over me I was doing my psych rotation at Springfield State Mental Hospital.

The patients affectionately referred to the head doctor as “one of us” because periodically he went from being in charge to being a patient inside the hospital.

Though I had worked with him several times, he seemed unaware of me. One day as I sat alone outside the dining room, he marched up to me. “You are manic depressive. Within 20 years you will either be dead or a patient inside here.”

Then he turned and left. As the head of the state psychiatric hospital of Maryland, his words held great authority.

Powerless against such a pronouncement, his words pierced my psyche and altered my destiny as they locked me into a false identity.

Freedom From Curses

Manic depression is now called bipolar disorder. A victim of many kinds of abuse, from that day, I plunged into deep self-hatred and suicidal ideation.

Destitute of hope, trapped by word curses, Jesus entered my darkness to bring freedom from curses.

As a believer, I struggled against the darkness but found comfort in these words. “But God chose what the world thinks is foolish to shame the wise, and God chose what the world thinks weak to shame the strong. God chose what is low and despised in the world, what is regarded as nothing, to set aside what is regarded as something, so no one can boast in His presence”(1 Co 1:27-29 NET)

The Lord allowed me to sink into the hopelessness of deep depression and sucidal despair that I might seek Him.

Before the foundation of the world, Jesus became a curse for you and me so we might be set free from curses. How deep is His redemptive love.

I Shall Live And Not Die

As I wrote about these two incidents, feelings of fear washed over me. As I prayed, the Lord quieted my heart with His love.

David’s words rose like an anthem in my heart and I spoke into the silence “I shall live and not die, but live, and proclaim the works of the Lord.” (Psalms 118:17).

Jesus is our Life! Sadly we walk beneath curses held captive to lies and limiting beliefs because we fail to take responsibility for our own choices.

How do you escape?

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Choose to reject hurtful words in the name of Jesus.
  • Choose to receive the truth Jesus took those curses on Himself.
  • By faith verbally proclaim “I shall live and not die” as your reality.

Your Story

I do not know your story. In this world, it’s inevitable – bad things happen. Curses are spoken.

You may have first hand experience of the viciousness of a narcissistic person. You may have been crushed by those jealous of your innocence.

The wonderful news is you are not a diagnosis. You are more precious to the Lord than any hatred demonstrated against you. Think of it. Jesus broke the curse of death.

There is hope! No matter what happened. No matter what words were hurled at you. Before the foundation of the world, the Father in Heaven set His love upon you (Eph 1:4). In eternity past, He chose you!

Think of that my dear friend. Jesus chose you! Before anyone cursed you or violated your trust – He chose you! He made a way of escape for you. There is freedom from curses spoken over you.

Dear Heart,

My prayer is you allow the Heavenly Father to quiet your heart with His love. He isn’t like your earthly dad. Your foster dad. Or the step-father who molested you. He isn’t like the husband who mocks or abuses you.

How can you know if this is true?

Jesus is the true reflection of the Father’s heart. Look at Jesus; He is beautiful beyond compare. He won’t abuse you, betray you or mock you. He chose you to become a person of dignity and great value! He chose you to be a royal priesthood – His own special people.

Instead of curses – Jesus ordained for you to proclaim His praise. Today He calls you to come out of the darkness into His marvelous light.

Jesus Calls You to Action

You don’t have to be gripped by despair or accept any hurtful words spoken over you. Take courage! Your brain can change; you can experience mental health!

Memorize Psalms 118:17. Quote it often. “I shall live and not die!”

You were created to be a person of dignity and honor; to stand strong in the power and authority of His might.

In Jesus, you have authority to turn from every curse of death and hatred. Let the mind of Christ become the healing of your mind.

Choose life!

Choose to give thanks, then declare “I shall live and not die so I may testify to the saving and healing grace of Jesus working in my life.”

May Jesus be your reality!

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