In the Garden of Eden, joy filled Adam and Eve’s hearts. Each time the Lord’s eyes crinkled with joy and sunshine burst forth as He smiled upon them, a warm glow of belonging flowed through their being. Their eyes alight with reflected joy, they smiled with calm delight. Nourished by His love, attuned to His delight and joyful acceptance, they basked in His presence, in complete harmony with their Beloved Lord.

Into the midst of an environment of joy and perfection, Satan appeared in the form of a snake – the great Sneer came to assault the Smile of the Heavenly Father and kill all joy. When he slithered away, it seemed as if the Sneer of Death had won, for humanity would never experience the same innocence and complete joy this side of glory.

Satan Kills Joy With a Sneer

Perhaps you are aware of the Sneer touching your life, killing your joy and causing you to cringe in shame. Perhaps you are unaware of the Father’s Smile of pleasure – offering you dignity, joy, and friendship.

My dad perfected the sneer. For decades, I lived under the sneer placed upon my head by my earthly father. The father of Sneers brought a false identity, that stole my hope. Shamed and lacking. Desperately lonely and miserable, I knew no matter how hard I tried, I could never be good enough. Positioned neath a curse, the Sneer stole my dignity and joy, causing me to wither helplessly in guilt, shame, and fear. 

Break the Curse to Find Joy

Though I loved Jesus, it is only in this decade I have discovered the wonder of the Father’s Smile of Life. To my delight, I discovered – like the Smile Adam and Eve enjoyed, I may choose by faith to receive His Smile. Under His Smile, I began to flourish and discovered the power to break the curse of the Sneer – one link at a time in Jesus name. 

Over 2000 years ago, God’s Smile of loving kindness and grace broke through the darkness of our planet. In the fullness of time, the Word, the Creator who smiled at Adam and Eve, took on flesh and was born as a little baby in Bethlehem. 

Jesus came to die to save us from sin, but He also came to restore us to intimacy with His Father.

Before the foundation of the world, before the Sneer entered the Garden, It was the Father’s pleasure for us to rest safely beneath the Smile of His beauty and holiness. In His pleasure, He gave us Jesus, the Joy Giver. 

Jesus Bore All Condemnation to Give You Joy

On Jesus fell the vile assault of the joy killer – who sought to ensnare Jesus into bondage to the Sneer. What Satan didn’t understand was it was God’s pleasure to take that vile curse and place it upon the sinless Son of Man, who for the joy set before Him, went to Calvary in yours and my place where He would willingly become a curse for us. As He obeyed the will of His Father, His blood broke that curse – once and for all time.

His sacrifice opened the door for you and me to bask under the Father’s Smile of pleasure, where we find healing from trauma and are given a new identity. The identity of being found in Christ and able to receive the fullness of the Father’s Smile of approval. 

Joy and Peace Are Yours Through the Father

His Smile brings peace with God and resting neath His wing – we find healing and hope. 

His Smile showers beauty upon us and turns our darkness into light. 

His pleasure in us, spills over on us, bequeathing us with joy unspeakable and full of glory. In Jesus, we find completion and satisfaction. Jesus, Joy of mankind – dwells within us, lighting our path and filling our hearts with His Holy Spirit – who makes us beautiful like our Beloved Saviour. 

The Father will satisfy the deepest longings of your heart as you let go of the old narrative shaped by the enemy. You have a new story, a new identity, and a new hope. So step into Jesus and embrace His joy.

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