Healing from the Inside

The Lord offers the gift of healing, especially if you are a child of God.

In my journey through life, I discovered healing begins on the inside, then works its way outside. If you are like me, then you’ve stormed heaven, pleading for healing of your body, or relief from some ungodly habit pattern. When it didn’t happen, you got discouraged. Maybe thought you weren’t important enough for God to answer your prayers.

I struggled and almost gave up. You see, I believed God played favorites and I simply didn’t qualify for His merciful kindness. But such beliefs are lies from the enemy.

It took years to discover I began in the wrong place – trying to fix things on the outside so God would accept me.

I think we all know our world is not safe. It’s normal to feel anxious today, for things have been escalating way out of control.

Though we try to keep our children safe, things happen for which a baby / small child / child has no resources. We say children are resilient, but their nervous system isn’t resilient. Over time, the traumas and gaps create unseen heart wounds that sometimes take years to manifest on the outside. It’s estimated at least 90% of illness can be tied back to the womb or early childhood.

Healing from trauma is hard, but it’s not impossible. 


This is our wondrous hope…

The Lord designed healing to be a daily journey of dealing with hidden things where we allow Jesus access to our heart.

His work will only be completed when we meet Him face to face, and beholding Him as He is, we will be transformed into His image.

Our wondrous hope is He shall wipe all tears from our eyes.

The Past Impacts Today

Healing our heart wounds is costly. It means pursuing a lifestyle where Jesus, the Son of the Most High God, is our focus. Because we were born into a world that has rejected Him, we were born in sin. Scripture teaches that the wages of sin are death.

That means the consequences and limitations of sin within our family tree impact us, right from the time of conception. And part of the consequences is believing lies as if they are gospel truth.

Each lie that holds us captive and each belief that limits us, links back to a neurological injury or gap in neurodevelopment. The enemy uses inner lack to write a lie on our implicit or explicit memory.

So, healing depends on taking the courageous step to daily ask the Holy Spirit to reveal hidden things of darkness. As He exposes the foundation of lies which our life rests upon, while we reprogram our mind and heart with the truth of God’s Word, He brings root issues from deep inside into the light. It’s true. Introducing Biblical principles begins in our brain.

We think we know God’s Word. But we only experience its truth to the degree we allow the Lord to touch us at our very core.

How to Find Peace in Your Body

Jesus is the Healer. He came to heal your broken heart. He delights in ministering life and throwing open doors to light and joy. But He is a Gentleman. He will only move at the pace you set. If you hide from pain, you also hide from His life-giving touch.

You and I had no control over what our ancestors and parents passed to us. We had no control over the deep heart wounds that happened during our childhood. But here’s the thing. We do have control over today. The Lord graciously allows you to choose life at every point of your day.

I urge you to look up to Jesus. Because He is good, He will never assault you, abandon you, betray you, or lie to you. He is Love. He longs to fill your heart with joy and peace. Here’s the thing. Jesus can only do that if you look to Him and surrender the thing He reveals into His loving hands.

I pray you experience Jesus bringing peace to your nervous system and your brain. That you open your hands and heart to Him, saying “Thy will be done.” May you experience Him healing your broken-heart and becoming your heart’s delight.

Is the Healer

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