How Can You Feel Safe After Trauma?

Joseph walked without fear. He was the beloved son of Jacob. But then one day, his father’s love couldn’t keep him safe from the jealousy of his brothers. As their hate exploded onto him, Joseph fell from a position of safety and honor to a place of danger. Placed in chains, he was sold into slavery in Egypt.

Joseph experienced the violence of trauma. In his helplessness, his safety ripped apart. He learned that family, position, and strength are like a vapor of smoke—carried away by the winds of adversity.

Faced with shame and the horror of surviving in captivity, Joseph struggled to find a place to be safe.

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Safety is a vital part of God’s design for His Creation.

He planned for us to experience safety through observing His covenant, loving Him with all our hearts, and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. Safety is the number one thing you & I needed as a wee baby. And as adults, safety is vital for us to thrive.

Does God Want Bad Things to Happen?

But life happens. We don’t always experience safety. Perhaps you’ve been shamed by the whims of others. If so, it’s understandable if you find it difficult to be vulnerable. That’s because both love and trust can feel dangerous.

When I was younger, I thought because God is sovereign and allowed evil; it meant He wanted bad things to happen. That He approved of the evil Judah, Simeon, and the others did to Joseph.

Now, it’s true; He allowed evil. He could have stopped it, but He didn’t. Here’s the thing. God never thinks or does evil. He gives us freedom to choose. In His goodness, He will use evil to work out His purposes. Like He did with Joseph.

God never thinks or does evil. He gives us freedom to choose.

Truth: The Lord Has Not Abandoned You

Psalm 105 speaks of God’s covenant love and faithfulness. Of Joseph, it says, “They bruised his feet with fetters and placed his neck in an iron collar.” Joseph had the right to be bitter and angry, but in his heart, he turned to the Lord for safety. He obeyed God’s commands and yielded himself.

The Holy Spirit blessed him by teaching him to forgive. Through the violence of evil, Joseph learned how to be an overcomer. What his brothers meant for evil, God took and used to prepare Joseph to rescue Egypt, his family, and surrounding nations from death. Wow!

Safety is a priority in God’s loving care for you. It might feel like He has abandoned you. You may feel He really doesn’t care about the hateful things that happened/are happening to you. But feelings often lie to us.

I assure you, the Lord is close beside you. He sees and He cares. He waits for you to come to Him—in your fear, your overwhelm, your helplessness—so Jesus can become your safe place.

Through adversity, David learned the Lord was his safety.

become your safe place

Jesus knows what causes you to freeze and be unable to think or process. As a good shepherd who cares for his sheep, Jesus leads you to a quiet place, a place of safety and rest. Through life, if Jesus is your Saviour, the Good Shepherd walks beside you.

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