Barbara Hitching

Find Hope. Find Healing. Find Life.

About Barbara Hitching

I have traveled in many countries and seen how trauma and violence silence the voice, crush the spirit, and cover individuals with shame. I have also personally faced trauma and abuse.

Today, you may suffer from fear, shame, betrayal, abuse, depression, domestic violence, and feel discouraged. You may even be enslaved and life may feel hopeless. I want you to know, “There is hope!”

You are loved. Jesus Christ died to break every chain that imprisons you, and set you free from shame and guilt, and give you a new beginning.

If you long for inner healing and a healthy voice, please contact me. Life is the passion of my heart and I would love to help you begin the transformative process that allows you to soar in freedom.

Remember, no matter what your story, you are valuable. It is possible to escape the bondage of the past and stand in dignity, celebrating life. You have a choice and you can experience spiritual restoration.

Do you long to be free? Drop me a note; I’d love to hear from you.

Emotional Healing

We have all experienced wounds, and part of moving forward is letting go of the past.

Grow In Christ

We don’t just dwell on the past or what we see. Always our first aim is to grow in relationship with Christ.

Love Others

As we find healing from the past and grow in Christ, we learn to love others. The love we receive from God is poured out.


To let go of the past we must see the suffering of others. When we see suffering our first responsibility is to pray.
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