About Barbara

Trauma Coach, Author, Speaker

Helping trauma survivors walk with dignity and hope.

No Longer a Victim 

I personally experienced the impact of early childhood trauma and violence, which continued into adulthood.

For 25 years I was in full time Christian service, yet I saw myself as a helpless victim with no choices.

In my 50’s, the Lord brought me to Florida. Working with a secular ministry, I became a rape victim advocate and learned to become a survivor.

After studying with Ellel Ministries, I embarked on a level of inner healing which opened the door to learning the secret of becoming a mighty warrior.

Today, I am still in process and continue to equip myself with more mental health tools to share with others. After years of studying the neuroscience of trauma, and working as a Trauma Healing Facilitator, I have gained new truths that I love sharing with others. 

Jesus Christ is the Healer of the brokenhearted. Because of Him, I long to see dignity and hope restored to trauma survivors.

Why Transformative

30+ Years of Experience

I’m not a therapist, and I don’t offer therapy. Instead, I have over thirty years of experience seeing how God can heal lives. I’ve had the privilege to walk alongside individuals from various backgrounds and countries in a mentoring relationship. I find joy in watching people experience healing and spiritual restoration.

Trauma Survivor

As a trauma survivor, I know first hand the need to work through adverse childhood experiences and trauma that lock people into a victim mentality.

neuroscience of trauma icon of brain with red

Neuroscience of Trauma

Too many religious leaders, therapists, or well-meaning friends make trauma survivors feel like they need to “just get over it”. Instead, I help you understand the neuroscience of trauma and how it impacts your life today.

Compassion and Clarity

Because the Lord has comforted and healed me, He enables me to have compassion and clarity to guide others who are suffering. I would like to come alongside you and offer compassion that empowers you to choose life.

As a coach and minister, Barbara Hitching has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Her teaching and prayer ministry have helped me get clear on what the Lord was saying in my situation and her partnering with me in prayer brought results!

There have been many times her blog posts were filled with the strategy and wisdom I needed at that time. I thank God for Barbara Hitching and her team and highly recommend her coaching and prayer ministry services.

Robin Lewis

The Freedom Coach, www.RobinLewisLife.com

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