Guide to Strengthening Your Prayer Life

How To Develop A Habit of Prayer

Practicing the presence of Christ transformed my prayer time. Although I still couldn’t see Him, by imagining what was true, my faith grew. I came to know Jesus really was with me and wanted to communicate with me. It became second nature to have a quiet running communication with Him throughout the day.

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Struggling to Pray? It Could Be Your Father Wound

Do you have a father wound? If so, you will be unaware of lies you imbibed as truth or the devastation caused deep inside you. That father heart wound torments you, accuses you, and determines your level of intimacy with the Heavenly Father.

The Lord created you to thrive. He did not want you to be locked into the survival mode where you desperately struggle to be safe by denying your own personhood.

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Prayer is Friendship

When you meet with a dear friend, you happily express your appreciation, share little things, then speak of more important things. You talk, listen, and respond. Learn how friendship and prayer are interconnected.

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A Practical Guide to Daily Prayer (With Sample Prayers)

Have you ever felt like you don’t pray enough? You want to pray, but somehow, time slips by and you just never pray. Partly because you really aren’t sure about prayer. And partly because you don’t feel spiritual enough to believe God will hear and answer your prayers. Here’s what you can do.

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This Secret Changed My Prayer Life

No formula exists that can turn a person into a prayer warrior.

Formulas lead to legalism and bondage. I know that firsthand. After months of struggling to learn how to pray the perfect prayer, I was on the verge of giving up.

Desperate to break through in prayer, I poured out my heart and finally lay back exhausted.

In the silence, the Holy Spirit whispered, “When you were God’s enemy, He reconciled you to Himself through the death of His Son. How much more, now you belong to Him and are His child, does He love you and remain committed to drawing you close to Himself?”

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How To Pray When You’re Distracted

In the early seventies, I resolved to spend more time praying for people I met as I traveled. At first, it was great. Then, no matter how hard I tried to pray, I would start to doze off or I became distracted as my mind wandered down a hundred different trails. Thankfully, I learned an important lesson that helped me not give up!

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Seasons In Prayer

The first lesson to learn is life has seasons which ebb and flow. Dear heart, the ebb and flow of life will also occur within your prayer life. That is natural.

Think about it. Ebb and flow are healthy – even when it comes to praying!

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If you’ve felt battered and scarred by life, you know spiritual warfare is real. You don’t have to fight the battle alone. There is One who is a very present help in time of need.

Whether you’re familiar with spiritual warfare or it’s a biblical concept you’ve never understood, this book will help you apply spiritual principles to your life and begin moving forward into spiritual victory.

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