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No one should face life alone. If you’re struggling with the impact of trauma and abuse, I can help. I will walk with you on the journey to healing.

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Mentoring and Coaching Services

Over the years I have learned to help people find healing on a deeper level. My focus is trauma, early childhood abuse, and inner healing prayer.

With 35 years of experience mentoring and coaching people from all walks of life, I have found these to be key areas where individuals need help.


Trauma is written into the DNA. Unless there is direct spiritual intervention, one remains locked into the trauma of the past.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)

The greatest impact of trauma on brain development occurs from the womb to about age 6. But ACE’s throughout childhood affect adult life.

Inner Healing Prayer

This kind of prayer makes Jesus Lord of the wounded places and allows the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the inner area of brokenness.

Free 45 minute Transformation Call 

Overcome Trauma and Regain Hope

Mentoring and Coaching Services

Finding Your Wings

A Focused Short-Term Package
  • All clients start with the Finding Your Wings package. This is a short-term 9 weeks package that provides foundational teaching to pave your way to healing.

  • Over this period of time we will work through a focused goal with an emphasis on forgiveness and boundaries. The specific goal will be your choice and will be determined after your free call.

Made to Soar

By Invitation Only
  • Would you like to go deeper? After completing the first two packages, I provide a 6 month package to take you even deeper in your healing journey.

Free 45 minute Transformation Call 

Overcome Trauma and Live in Freedom


"The way Miss Barbara has helped me is she has shown me my true worth. She helped me deal with past hurts and trauma. She has been a wonderful friend and counselor in my life. She has always made me feel valued."

Tabitha Cliburn, Working Mom

"As a coach and minister, Barbara Hitching has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Her teaching and prayer ministry have helped me get clear on what the Lord was saying in my situation and her partnering with me in prayer brought results!"

Robin Lewis, The Freedom Coach www.RobinLewisLife.com

"As a passionate woman of the Word, Ms. Barbara has lovingly and patiently mentored me for over a decade. She has helped me to work through lies from my past and replace them with the truth of the Word. I can always trust her, knowing she hears my heart and will speak the truth to me in love."

Joy Propst, Teacher

“Barbara’s knowledge of health and well-being along with her spiritual insights is a power combination. She speaks to our hearts and cares for our wholeness. I appreciate her life experiences and her knowledge of the Word of God. I believe she can make a valuable contribution to our lives.”

Tami Sue Webster, Social Influencer, Bleu Tabby

"Barbara showed me unconditional love and the healing Jesus had to offer that I had pushed away so many times. She introduced me to a relationship with Jesus I didn’t know was possible. There were so many layers to my healing. She was honest with me and held me accountable and I will always cherish the time we had together."

Lorraine Howard, Working Mom

Free 45 minute Transformation Call 

Overcome the Past, Live in the Present

Hard Work and Commitment

Overcoming trauma and abuse is a lot like gardening. It takes time, commitment, dedication, and hard work. If you’re tired of barely surviving, and you’re ready to make the commitment, I’d love to talk with you.

How Should We Respond to the Murder of George Floyd?

May 25th our nation was horrified when George Floyd was murdered in cold blood. Let us: Pause. Breathe. And let us thoughtfully cry to God for help. He abhors racial violence. It must stop. Where Do We Begin? First, we need God’s help to move in wisdom to honor the...

How Can I Change My Brain? Learn Self-Care for Your Dendrites

It’s normal to experience frustration by the actions of others. But to try to change them is a waste of time and energy. Let’s say this upfront. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change anyone.   The good news is you can change your brain by altering how you...

Feel Lonely? This Tip Can Help | COVID-19

Today our world is facing a threat we have never experienced before.  The unknown is causing some to be riddled with fear. Others are indifferent. Please do not fear COVID-19. Fear that triggers us will open the door to the enemy of our soul, giving him permission to...

Lessons from King David on Loneliness and Isolation

David grieved before the Lord. The toxicity flooding his brain and his DNA halted. In God’s presence the loneliness and isolation loosened their grip.

Is Encouragement Possible in the Deep Place of Loneliness?

Take courage. Loneliness need not have the last word. There is an antidote. You can conquer this insidious poison.  Loneliness kills. Studies conducted over several decades were thorough; each concluded loneliness is bad for your health. Once loneliness takes root,...

Be My Valentine

Valentine’s is upon us. If you are single and like many people, you probably wish you had someone who makes you feel special.  I remember Valentine’s Days when I was discouraged because I was alone. Have you had that experience? Being alone feels like something is...

Never Retired from Love: A Boomer’s Guide to Loving Millennials

God has gifted you in special ways and has taken you on a journey where your life experiences equip you to pray for, affirm, and even mentor a Millennial.

Fawn Response: The Trauma Response You Probably Don’t Know About

The Fawn Response Though we hate to admit it, deep down, we all engage in some form of people-pleasing. To fawn is to be a people-pleaser. But the fawn response takes people-pleasing to a distinct depth. This little known response to trauma is the fourth survival...

Your Brain is Lying to You

The Flight Response You are fearfully and wonderfully created. God made you to be sensitive to your environment so you can quickly respond to danger. The flight response is a healthy form of temporary survival where your reptilian brain takes over to keep you safe...

The Fight Response: Anger Will Not Protect You

STUCK IN THE FIGHT MODE Our focus today is the fight mode. To stand and fight in the face of danger is wise. But to become locked in the fight mode is foolish because it exposes you to danger. Saul, the first king of Israel, chose to embrace anger because it felt...
victim mindset

Overcome Fear & Anger

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