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Whether you’re familiar with spiritual warfare or it’s a biblical concept you’ve never understood, you’ll be encouraged and challenged by this teaching. This book will help apply spiritual principles to your life as you demolish strongholds and begin moving forward into spiritual victory.


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books by Barbara Hitching on spiritual warfare

What Readers Are Saying

Battles in life are real!

 We all struggle with them. Finally, here are the strategies to deal with them! Barbara Hitching’s book In The Garden helped me by revealing God’s principles to finding spiritual victory over them. In 87 pages the message is clear, concise, and oh so comforting! I highly recommend it!

-Linda Paris

More Than Head Knowledge

This is a great foundational book on spiritual warfare, but don’t let that keep you from reading it if you’re already well read on other authors like Derek Prince or Peter Horrobin.

I’d consider this book deceptively simple. While it’s an easy read and a great start for anyone not familiar with spiritual warfare, the truths are layered and accumulative, filled with concepts that I find even mature Christians regularly struggle to apply in daily life.

Plus, each section has questions to take you deeper. This isn’t just about head knowledge or dry theology, Barbara has effectively written a book that speaks to both the heart and the mind for people who need help in real life.

-Galina H.

Expanded & Deepened My Understanding

Reading “In the Garden” evoked an experiential “Amen!” from my heart, while expanding and deepening my understanding of spiritual warfare. This book gives clear explanations of the principles pertaining to spiritual bondage, along with teaching the applications of God’s provisions for victory and freedom in Jesus. After finishing this book I turned back to page one and read it all again for a fuller grasp of this important teaching.

-Elizabeth Ann

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