Trauma Healing


Guide to Trauma Responses

The Fight Response (Anger Won’t Protect You)

To stand and fight in the face of danger is wise. But to become locked in the fight mode is foolish because it exposes you to danger. Saul, the first king of Israel, chose to embrace anger because it felt powerful. His choice opened the door to the demonic to deceive and torment him, then to rob him of life.

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Understanding The Flight Response (When Coping Mechanisms Harm)

Perhaps you have heard of flashbacks or even been told you were having an emotional flashback.

When that happens, unresolved memories stored in the hippocampus cause you to experience all the emotions of the trauma.

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How to Overcome the Freeze Response

While camouflage is part of human warfare, it’s not a skill you or I chose to develop. If we’re honest, when apprehensive, fearful of making a wrong choice, or not wanting to hurt anyone, we tend to freeze. Experiencing trauma in childhood, the freeze response was the brain’s reaction to protect us from something we had no control over.

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Fawn Response (The Trauma Response You Probably Don’t Know About)

The fawn response takes people-pleasing to a distinct depth. This little known response to trauma is the fourth survival response, birthed out of habitual abuse.

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There is Freedom from the Unrelenting Voice of Trauma

Did you know each traumatic event is written into your DNA? You may try to ignore or even pretend nothing happened to you. Learn about how trauma has impacted your body and how to experience freedom.

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This is How to Find Safety in Christ When You Face Fear

We know in our heads that Jesus is stronger than whatever confronts us. But we need more in the face of terrible fears.

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Lessons from Daniel on Overcoming Trauma

Daniel knew who he was; he clung to his identity as a child of the Most High God and respected himself. When uncovered by evil men, he hid beneath the shelter of the Almighty and trusted God to give him the strength to make wise choices.

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It’s Ok to Be Where You Are

I want to share a secret.  For you to get unstuck or be set free from whatever is holding you in bondage – you have to learn to be where you are – in the moment. And being present, it is important to be able to open your mouth and ask for help when you need it.

The moment you reach up and cry out, the Lord will reach down to you.

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Jesus is the Healer (Will You Let Him Heal Your Wounds?)

Jesus is the Healer who draws close to tenderly bind your wounds. But He cannot bandage any hidden injury.

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If you’ve felt battered and scarred by life, you know spiritual warfare is real. You don’t have to fight the battle alone. There is One who is a very present help in time of need.

Whether you’re familiar with spiritual warfare or it’s a biblical concept you’ve never understood, this book will help you apply spiritual principles to your life and begin moving forward into spiritual victory.

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