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We all carry the wounds of our past. But, there is healing. Join me on the journey to the abundant life. You’ll find there is joy and peace overflowing.

Are you stuck? My Top Tip To Start the New Year Strong!

Merry Christmas 2018 – A Wish and Blessing for Peace in your life

Hannukah and the Light of the World

Freedom from the Victim identity: Practical Steps to Forgiveness

3 lessons I learned From almost breaking my Foot

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Transformation: What It Is and Isn’t

Transformation Have you ever wondered what transformation is about? Or pondered why it has become the buzzword among life coaches and public speakers? In Latin, trans means across or through and forma means to form. To transform means there is change that cuts across...

In Honor of True Friendship

Loss of a True Friend On February 7th, 1979, my beloved child, Charissa died, a victim of SIDS. Since that day, many I loved have died. Tragically, the arch enemy cancer has stolen the lives of many of my friends and family, including my grandmother, Aunt Winnie, Aunt...

When God Doesn’t Do What You Want

Each morning I go outside with a cup of hot water and walk barefoot through the grass to a little hill facing the woods behind my home. In the bright morning light and fresh air, I talk with the Lord. One morning I heard a noise in the undergrowth in front of me....

Bird in a Cage

Depths of a Dungeon Sandy lay slumped against the dank wall in the dark cell, deep in a dungeon no one except her tormentor knew about. Her hair was straggly and tangled, her clothes torn and filthy, her heart irreparably broken. As she tried to change position, a...

The Power of Trauma to Trap You In The Past

Trauma wields great power In the moment of impact – the impact of steel as a truck slammed into your car. The impact of a hand raised in violence. The impact of rape. The impact of early childhood trauma. The impact of any other type of violence leaves one powerless....

Have You Given Yourself Permission to Grieve?

The loss of a parent is the loss of the past. The loss of a spouse is the lost of the present. The loss of a child is the loss of the future. In your loss, have you experienced this to be true? As I got into the car the other day to go to the market, I heard the last...
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